NCIS Season 9 & NCIS: LA Season 3 Premiere Promo Released

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No major NCIS spoilers here, but CBS has released a promo for the ninth season, which contains what appear to be some (brief) new clips along with shots from the third season premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles.

After months of tracking down his target, Tony has the blood of an NCIS agent on his hands in "Nature of the Beast." How will he and Gibbs get out of this one? Scott Wolf debuts and Sarah Jane Morris returns as E.J.

Meanwhile, in "Lange, H.," Hetty is shot in a season premiere that NCIS: Los Angeles creator Shane Brennan says will tie together the character with and Callen like never before. The episode takes place in real time.

Both premiere Tuesday, September 20. Here's CBS' brief promo:

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@ Neeta Simons: where did you read that Linda Hunt died? I hope Hetti is not going to die because she is the closest thing Callen has to family. Maybe she is really related to him. Alot of secrets. It is going to be an interesting season.


Hetty gets shot, but I doubt she is dead, haven't read a peep about the amazing Linda Hunt leaving the show. Looking forward to this ep, and the upcoming season! Lots of secrets revealed.


I hear their new Boss is Callen sister


Who could possibly replace Linda Hunt ,who did die,in the role of Hetty? I think they've done the right thing though it may be awkwar to begin with. At least this way we get a chance to grieve for a great character and the greater actor who created her!

Josie leeds

What is it with Hollywood writers? Are they genetically altered and programmed to keep trying to fix what isn't broken?????? You just can't screw with an ensemble cast that is successful, especially at the level of NCIS! Leave Hetty alone, dammit! *I* think Hetty is related to Callen in some way--aunt, grannie, maybe even "mom".


HETTI CAN NOT BE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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