Necessary Roughness Review: Breaking the Curse

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I've realized something. Necessary Roughness works best when Dr. Dani's patients have a direct connection to either her or the Hawks. "

A Wing and a Player" gave us that link and it was much more satisfying than the normal patient of the week.

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I felt for Kirkman. New York sports fans never forget, so it didn't surprise me that people still vilified him six years later. Of course, standing on a ledge in a bird costume probably wasn't the best way to lie low. I almost wished the team had let him come back as the mascot, but that would have been too sappy and completely unrealistic.

Who else thought that protective Nico was kind of hot? Not only had he done a complete background check on JD, he also read his books and then crashed his date with Dani. Then, he let it slip that he's been married. 

I loved his response when Dani called him on that new piece of information. He simply hadn't told her because she never asked. And then he added:

I never lie, ever. I thought you knew that about me. | permalink

Well, there's another compelling bit of information. Every week, I am more intrigued by Nico. I definitely want more and more.

For once, TK met a smart women and had to step up his game. I'd like to see Vivica come back. Watching someone challenge TK was way more satisfying than his weekly party boy antics.

I loved the look on Matt's face when Vivica shot TK down on the field. I'd guess this doesn't happen often and Matt's quip about getting him ice for the burn was perfect.

Thank goodness JD's gone. Ooh. A month in the Congo. How romantic. What girl wouldn't jump at that and what part of mother with two kids did he not get? Overall, he was pretty quick to end things when he realized she wasn't going to follow him around the world. 

For a change, Dani's kids were kind of funny. Hiding in the pantry while a pigeon flew around their house was something children would do. And TK was kind of sweet when he came to their rescue. I was happy that Dani acknowledged that. It was a nice moment between the two.

So, what did you think of Nico's new interest in Dani and are you as happy as I am that JD was sent packing? With only two more episodes left this season, what do you want to see on Necessary Roughness?


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The way they kept referring to Kirkman as "He who should not be named", and "You Know Who" made me think of a certain villain in the Harry Potter books. Intentional or not, it was amusing. I like the mystery surrounding Nico and, so far as his character development is concerned, I like what the writers are doing.
By revealing a bit of Nico's background information here and there we learn more about him, yet what we learn opens up new questions and adds to the mystery. He was married. To whom? When? Why did the marriage end? From what we know of him so far I'd guess he has a background in organized crime or as a government agent of some kind. Great chemistry between T.K. and Vivica. I hope we see more of her. I like the fact that she actually made T.K. think about the image he projected to the world around him. In that aspect she was more successful than Dani. I would like to see the Hawks' head coach become one of Dani's patients. As Andy pointed out he does do a whole lot of yelling. The man is obviously under a ton of pressure.


Seriously, how hot is Nico? I love Scott Cohen--ever since the NYPD Blue days (Kissing Jessica Stein doesn't hurt either). I'm not getting the tension between Dani and Matt anymore. This show is good, not great, but I like it.


I've never considered Nico as a love interest, but he did seem to drop that hint. Also, the writers would be wise to not pair her with Matt again yet. My question is about the head coach character. He's always yelling and screaming. It's annoying. I like every other character on the show. BTW: I'll miss Andrea Anders and the best friend. JD was ok but won't be missed. It's a good show. Suits is great too, but Covert Affairs should go bye bye.


I also hope this comes back for a 2nd season and that Nico and Dani get together!!!!


I don't think Nico meant to crash Dani's date. He said it was his regular Tuesday night restaurant and the passing waitress knew his last name (even though I didn't catch it) so I believe him. I don't think he would have come over to them if Dani hadn't initiated it. I think it was a pure coincidence that he was there. I did enjoy that scene though.


Loving the more Dani and Nico interaction. Scott Cohen is amazing, and plays Nico perfectly. I loved the scene in the restaurant, where Dani spots Nico and JD asks if he is a stalker. "No, just a Nico", Dani replies. Lol.


You're a little late getting on the bus. NR fans have BEEN crazy for Nico (and Scott Cohen)!


I LOVED this episode. Sparks were flying everywhere whenever Dani and Nico interacted and JD is gone, gone, gone (really, who invites a single mother of two on a month-long trip, especially one to a potentially dangerous location?)! Vivica was great too. Dani's kids are starting to grow on me now that they're behaving like regular teenagers rather than juvenile deliquents. TK's more responsible interaction with them was great too - I really hope that happens more in the future. TK should be somehow involved in the household, to be the tether that keeps Dani connected to the Hawks if nothing else, and he's got good chemistry with the kids.


Absolutely! Couldn't stand JD. I've been a Nico girl from episode #1. That man carries mystery and charm very well. *swoon*


I absolutely love this and hope that it survives its hiatus and comes back. Nico is hot I think because of the mystery that surrounds him. I'm glad the team did not take Kirkman back, as you said that would be sappy and she can;t win them all. I hoe the kids, especially the daughter come to respect their mom. It was great to see T.K. do something she appreciated.

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