Necessary Roughness Review: Season Finale: It All Goes Boom!

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Just when you thought Necessary Roughness characters found the "Goal Line" on the season finale, it all got blown apart.

TK's nemesis, "The Minefield," showed up and messed with his head, causing poor our favorite wideout to have panic attacks both on and off the field. I felt for TK as he struggled to find some control over his fears. It showed how far he and Dani have come that he talked so openly with her. Think about it: would that have happened just a few weeks ago?

Terrell Owens on Necessary Roughness

I think the most comforting moment was when Dani wrote her seat number on his hand. Even though the coach and fans were ticked off and he'd chased Vivica away, Dani told him she'd be there for him no matter what.

TK's tackle at the end was awesome. I was so glad they didn't go for the cliche of TK scoring the final touchdown. The result may have been the same but it was nice of them to find a new way of getting there.

Back at Dani's home, I couldn't help but feel for Ray J. He was right. With his parents officially divorced, nothing will be the same for any of them and, although he's old enough to understand that, it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Dani handled it the best she could. The rest will simply take time.

Thankfully, Matt was straight to the point with Dani. There's only so much analyzing I can take. It was time to jump in. As much as I'd like to see the relationship between Dani and Nico explored, those two simply aren't there yet. Matt's a good guy. He's a lot of fun and he'll treat Dani right. He may be just what she needs right now.

I liked that when Nico was confused about what to do he went to Dani. He was searching for his moral compass and hoped that Dani could light the way. Naturally, she didn't disappoint him.

Elsewhere, I was surprised that they cleared up Juliette's paternity so quickly. They could have mined that story a lot longer and still held my interest. We'll have to wait for next season to find out if Nico really tells Pittman he had an affair with his wife. I can only imagine the consequences.

I expected to be entertained by this season finale. What I didn't expect was to be surprised. TK's shooting totally blindsided me - and it's a great set up for next season. TK will definitely need plenty of therapy after this; that is, if he survives, which I can't believe he won't. And how will Nico react to having to watch Matt and Dani make goo goo eyes at one another at work?

All in all, Necessary Roughness delivered on a great season. Hurry up, huddle up and renew it, USA!


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@ Dana... the actress playing Mrs. Pittman is Liz Vassey. She was on AMC a million years ago as Emily Ann. Most recently, she was a lab tech Wendy Simms on CSI. Great finale... I hope USA renews the show.


I totally agree with the review. It was surprising, and I do hope that the network renews the show ASAP. I have always wondered if there would be a thing between Nico and Dani, but it looks like he still has feelings for the boss's wife anyway. Love Matt, loved Marc Blucas on Buffy and so glad to see him on tv again. I am glad he and Dani are together, for now anyway. Great show! I do want to know the actress playing Mrs. Pittman. Can't find on IMDB and there is no cast listing on this page. ???


loved the show, best new non-hbo show


I so hope USA renews this show. It quickly became one of my favorites this summer. I love Nico and as much as I want him to get with Dani, I also adore Matt and he is the reason that she came to the Hawks so let's let them play for a while! Nice finale!


The first time I saw T.K.'s block, I thought it was an illegal block in the back, since he was downfield of "The Minefield." But on 'instant replay' review, it looked like it was a clean block.


C. Orlando, I liked your review, but TK made a block to take out TO (Minefield) and clear the way for the winning TD, not a tackle.

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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Maurice: I'm your worst nightmare, TK.
TK: I've got nothing but sweet dreams, baby.

The thing about minefields is no matter how many you navigate, the most dangerous is always the ones you don't see coming.