Presenting: The New TV Fanatic!

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If you're reading this, then it's too late and you already know the truth: TV Fanatic has undergone a massive redesign!

We've given the website a facelift in order to better organize and highlight our content. Among the homepage changes:

FAVORITE SHOWS (across top): The quickest way to read content about your favorite show, ranked in order of popularity on the site. Is your favorite program not listed? Find it easily with a couple keyboard strokes in our "Show Search" box.

FEATURED STORIES (middle, below top shows): The constantly-changing top five stories on the site. An easy, fast way to catch up on the most pressing TV news, clips and reviews of the day.

Ian Somerhalder Promotional Shot
Miss Serena
Your King
C-Yang Action
Gibbs is the Man

Your TV Fanatic favorites aren't going anywhere. We've just made them easier to track down!

WHAT'S NEW TONIGHT (top, right): Four shows at time, a look at each new offering of the evening. Click the arrows to cycle through the options, click on the photos for an early episode synopsis.

RECENT EPISODE REVIEWS (middle, below flash panel): No website comes close to offering our number of reviews on a daily basis. Find them all here, listed four at a time, featuring an episode photo and our critic's rating. Click on each picture to read, click on the arrows to cycle through shows.

MEET THE TEAM (right, middle): Come and say hello! Get to know the TV Fanatics behind TV Fanatic a little bit better.

NEWS ITEMS (middle, below recent reviews): Everything else. From casting tidbits to breaking spoilers to promos and our beloved Round Tables, this ever-updated section keeps you on to date on... everything.

We hope you enjoy the changes. Feel free to offer any critiques or compliments in the Comments section below, especially to our hard-working programmer, Eric, who hasn't seen sunshine in 17 days. Thank you, and let the TV Fanatic browsing begin!


Nice to see the Team box... wait.. Matt's not blonde?!?


awww i miss the old one


What bugs me is that some spoilers have pictures next to them that already tell you everything (see 90210's spoiler - Who's getting married next season? -- the picture of that very person is next to it so people who don't want to read the spoiler will already know.) other than that, great job Eric and welcome back to the sun :)

Matt richenthal

@Sara: We think you'll get used to it, but if it continues to feel confusing, remember: You can always simply scroll down. The reviews will be in their Review box and then everything else will be a blog post just like before.
We've organized the sections in order to make different aspects stand out and we do think this will help readers quickly find what they want - but the bottom line is that all the news will be listed in the middle, in chronological order, if you scroll down the site, just like it was before.


Great job!


It looks nice but the other version was so easy to navigate through... I'm sure once I get used to it I'll like it.


The new style is amazing, but also very confusing lol. I guess I just need a few days to adjust. Good job !


I love the new style! Its fresh and not so depressing like the previous colors!
Go one you are doing a great job!


Great work on the site guys!