Pretty Little Liars in Costume: Halloween Episode Pics

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Pretty Little Liars fans are in for a special treat next month:

The ABC Family smash, which doesn't return with new episodes that truly tie in to ongoing storylines until 2012, will air an October 19 Halloween installment titled "The First Secret." It will take viewers back to the time soon before Alison went missing.

Look for "a new girl in town to challenge Ali for Queen Bee dominance," according to the official network description, and for Aria to learn a "shocking revelation" about her father in this unique flashback episode. Below, we've posted a handful of photos from the upcoming hour. Click through them now to see everyone in costume:

In Costume
Alison DiLaurentis Photo
Emily the Indian
Spencer on Halloween
A Note for Spencer
Hanna on Halloween

this show is awsome people say that the books is better than the show but that is not true both is awsome


i cant wait for this episode! i read all 9 books... but that doesnt actually mean anything bcause the show is about 85% different the only thing the same is pretty much the 4 main characters and the setting lol.. and suprisingly the halloween episode looks spooky! I my facorite :) cant wait.. idk who A is im having a feeling is Alison because of the season finale.... lets watch and see there willl probably at least be 1 or 2 more seasons though...


spencer looks adorable


Why is Hannah a fat Britney Spears?


i think its going to be interesting to find out about alison before she went missing and see what happened be fore and they do look kinda rediculous


They do look hilarious and I like Alison costume.


they look hilarious :D can't wait ...

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