Prime Suspect Episode Trailer: Carnivorous Sheep?

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It's all about Maria Bello.

That was our reaction to the Prime Suspect series premiere, which had its problems, and which didn't generate very strong ratings, but which features one of TV's more compelling actresses.

What will go down on episode two, which is mysteriously titled "Carnivorous Sheep?" Look for Duffy to take issue with Jane's participation in a homicide-kidnapping case, while Jane meets Matt's son for the first time. It's all previewed here:

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William e bruce

Well Reg Duffy will be hard to break. But it shouldn't be to easy. The rest of team are coming along quicker. But how many cases did the team come away with the wrong answer over the years until Jane showed up?

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Prime Suspect Quotes

Caleb: I would kill him with this.
Jane: I would help you.

You want it to be as scary as it can be.