Psych Guest Star Preview: Look Who's Coming

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Kristy Swanson, Jason Priestley, Danny Glover, William Shatner...

The list of season six guest stars on Psych is almost too long to go over. But it's safe to say these impressive names would be enough of a reason to tune in to season six of this USA show, and that's before we even get to the antics of Shawn and Gus themselves.

Check out photos from the October premiere of Psych now and then watch a few scenes starring these incoming, part-time players below:


How does Psych get such amazing guest stars?!!!!!! They have managed it all the way through the series. (Im not saying its a bad thing im just curios)


Ya, but it's because he has heart issues! Season 1 he had surgery or sumpin, cuz then he bulked up season 2 and he's been bulking up since.


looks like shawn is gaining some pounds! still cute though

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Psych Quotes

My BABY!!!!


I'm so proud of you man!

Shawn[ to Cal]