Rizzoli & Isles Summer Finale Review: Happy Birthday, Jane!

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Charles Hoyt was back on Rizzoli & Isles this week, as "Remember Me" brought back Jane's worst nightmare - and just in time for her birthday. How sweet, right?

Michael Massee as Charles Hoyt

Graham's murder was gruesome and bloody. That surprised me. Usually the show makes its killings scary without showing much actual gore. But I suppose when it comes to Hoyt, carnage follows.

I had the same feelings Jane did when I found out Hoyt was dying of pancreatic cancer. On one hand, it seemed as though Karma had finally caught up with him. On the other, it seemed like far too merciless a death for someone who spent his life torturing others and enjoying it.

Some of my favorite moments went to Jane's team. Korsak stuck by her side, helping her go through cold case files and reminding her she wasn't in this alone. Although when he left the case file room I had to wonder who was meant to clean up. That was a heck of a mess they left on the floor.

Frost felt like an outsider because Jane wouldn't talk to him about what Hoyt had done to her. He wanted to help.  Unfortunately, I don't think this was something Jane could share with him or perhaps anyone who wasn't there at the time.

In a small moment of comic relief, Maura compared the creativity of the different shiffs found in the prison cells to an episode of Project Runway. There's a whole new reality show. Project Cell Block. How many weapons can you make with a toothbrush and a ball point pen? Yikes!

When they were told Hoyt was about to die and he wanted to tell Jane everything, Maura insisted on going. She said it was to help her deduce what was true and what was nonsense due to the morphine. Of course, I believe she didn't want her friend to go through this alone. And it almost got her killed.

The moment Jane walked into the room, I noticed that Hoyt's restraints looked very loose. It seemed like something a cop would notice right away but I'll let that small detail slide. I was also surprised that Hoyt was able to overpower Jane. If he really had stage 4 cancer, I'd guess that it would have taken most of his strength.

That said, it was a heck of a conclusion to a powerful story. Jane was terrified as her worst nightmare loomed over her, scalpel in hand once again. I didn't think it was a coincidence that the moment that Jane found the power to turn completely badass was when Hoyt turned the scalpel on Maura.

I was thrilled that she actually killed him, banishing the nightmare to hell where he belonged. Happy birthday to Jane Rizzoli. She gave herself, and the world, a heck of a birthday gift. I'm sorry to see this story arc end, but was pleased with how it went down.


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When mid-show said "I mean, what's the big whoop?" I almost died laughing. Flashback to 5th grade - Rizzoli's mocking was totally appropriate.
Thought this episode was fab!


I had the same thought when Korsak left Jane in the basement surrounded by all those cold case files. I was hoping someone was going to knock out that warden. What a jerk!!! Seeing Jane actually kill Hoyt was quite gratifying. Too often we see the noble law enforcement officer resist killing a villain because of some kind of code of honor. In the real world that's commendable, but on TV it is okay sometimes to see the world in black and white. Especially when the villain is so loathsome. Way to go, Jane! I wonder on what TV show villain-savant Michael Massee will next appear, and will he preceed Robert Knepper? What would I like to see happen on Rizzoli and Isles in the near future? How about Korsak and Jane's mother striking up a relationship?


I jumped out of my skin when Hoyt grabbed Jane! I'm glad they didn't end with a cliffhanger like last summer; instead of leaving it with a question that we know the answer to (of course Jane will live!), we have potential plot points to speculate on. Will Jane experience any emotional fallout with killing Hoyt? Will Maura suffer some PTSD? How will their dynamics with Korsak and Frost change? How will Frankie fit into the picture now that he's passed the detective exam? See, TV shows - you can leave us with questions and wanting more without leaving us (and storylines) hanging!


Kudos to Angie & Sasha for their spot on portraits of Rizzoli & Isles! I, too, love the family scenes; only a mother would say 'you've put on a little weight, Frankie!' Funny... Keep it up and keep it on (the air)!!


It was great,loved the finale.....this show is one of the best,cant wait for next season......


This arc may NOT be over. Who's to say we've met all his students.


Great summer finale! This show is always so thrilling and keeps my attention. I tend to work on my computer while having the tv be background noise but not with this show. I watch every second! My only compliant with the show is that some characters aren't in scenes they should be in. Jane was almost murdered again and it was her birthday but her dad and other brother weren't there? The dad hasn't been around all season but isn't Tommy crashing with his mom or Maura? I know it's probably for budget & scheduling reasons but I love the Rizzoli family scenes so much! My favorite scene was Jane, Frankie and Angela in the cafe. Hopefully, now that Frankie has passed his detective's exam he will be involved more. In the past when him and Frost have been working on a case I always enjoy their scenes. Of course, Frost is Jane's partner so Frankie will probably get his own partner. Can't wait for the next batch of episodes!!


I thought this was a great episode. I am so glad Hoyt is gone for good. It was truly terrifying when her and Maura were attacked in the prison.


I love rizzoli and isles the season finale had me on thew edge of my seat screaMING AT HER TO KILL HIM.... Great acting and action love the inter action of the actors...please don't change a thing and please keep it on the air


sure hope they will be back in the spring love the show sure will miss it this winter.

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