Rookie Blue Review: Sandy Alert!

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What's that sound? Oh yes, I believe it's all Sandy fans around the world cheering. Rookie Blue sent my little shipper heart beating wildly, as the show finally went there.

Bucking the trend of most prime time programs that insist on keeping their leads apart for as long as possible, "A Little Faith" gave fans what they craved and, damn, I couldn't be happier.

Callum Keith Rennie on Rookie Blue

But let's get some other story points out of the way first. 

Did anyone else think that Chris was being a little too hard on Gail? Yes, she got close to his best friend, but Dov was the one professing his love, not Gail. Chris' Goldilocks bed hopping comment was over the top. I've never believed that Chris and Gail would survive long term, but Chris dumping her over this seemed a bit harsh and unfair.

Then, it was game on as Andy, Traci and Dov were sent out on an undercover training field trip. No phone, no money, no ID. Who could make it back the next morning with the most cash and drugs?

I figured Dov could win this one and he didn't disappoint. As Shaw said, deep down Dov was so insecure I knew he'd go above and beyond to win. I never thought he'd use his late brother's drug history to steal from his dealer, but I give him extra points for being both creative and ruthless.

Traci and Andy were so entertaining as they came up with their undercover personas. Only McNally would decide to be an insurance overwriter. The girl picked one of the most boring jobs on earth and couldn't even get the term right.

Traci completely sold her pool shark/stripper act but her and Andy's girl-on-girl kissing needed some work. Then again, as lame as it looked, it still seemed to distract the guys - so mission accomplished.

As disappointed as I was in Andy when she told the dealer they had to call an ambulance (what dealer wants an ambulance at his place?), I loved how badass Traci was when she made up the story about the girl's biker boyfriend. Looks like undercover work might end up in Traci's future. That girl can think on her feet.

I was happy just to see the look on Sam's face when he saw Andy. Then when Andy went back and propositioned him and he sent her away, I thought we'd be playing the almost but not quite there yet game again.

Thankfully, I couldn't have been more wrong. Not only was the love scene incredibly hot, the aftermath was funny and sexy and everything I expected from Sandy. 

Sam even shared that his chosen undercover persona was Ernie the zamboni driver. Oh my God, I couldn't stop laughing. I think that one only works in Canada. Sam and Andy went from hot and sexy to cute and funny, and right back to hot and sexy again. Sigh. All I can say is that I want more. A lot more.

Of course, with Sam undercover, that gives the show a plausible reason to keep them apart for a while longer and ramp up the danger and the angst. But tonight's love scene will sustain me for a while - and can you imagine how great their reunion will be?

Did it all live up to your expectations for everyone else:

Don't forget that ABC will air the last two episodes of the season back to back next week. You won't want to miss it.


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totaly AMAZING watched all the episodes over and over where ever I can find them , hate that we have to wait so long for new episodes. SANDY ALL THE WAY;) :) ;)♥♥♥♥ best show on Tv.


I loved this episode! Sam and Andy were awesome! Sam has been waiting for this moment for a long time and because it came during this undercover work, made it more spicy. As I see I'm not the only one who watched the Sam/Andy scenes over and over again. At the end when Andy says it was "Heavenly" that's soooo awesome.


When the new season start?.


arichter Please when the new season start again.


@ Tita Flores: HAHA - are you sure you want Luke and "Sandy" to get back together?! Seems like your subconcious would like Sam and Andy to stick around and Luke forced to watch what he threw away sail away into the sunset... Thankfully this happened. I don't think I've felt this much yearning anticipation about TV characters in a long, long time. Ben Bass is hot, so hot I can't stand it. But the first part of their hook up was a little awkward - carrying to the bed?! C'mon. Cheesy! Looking forward to how the writers get around the whole Sam-UC-with-Andy angle.


I Looooooved this episode!! My favorite by far! I have been waiting for Sandy to get together for forever. The chemistry between them is amazing, I cannot get over it! I have rewatched their scenes many times, and can't wait for the finale! SANDY FOREVER!!!!!!!


I seem to be the only one who would like to have Luke and Andy get back again. The recent past episodes appear to indicate that all is over with their relationship. The hook-up with Sam and Andy is pre-dictable because of the sexual tension between them from the start but, for Sandy, Luke is the better guy with whom Sandy can have a more stable relationship. Despite the episode with Jo, Luke wants Sandy back and has shown that he really loves her. Am also sorry that only 2 episodes remain and wish that the show will be year-long.


I REALLY wish they had covered up Sam's tatoo. The fact that he had Luc tatooed on his bicep kept distracting me and made me think about the Sandy/Luke triangle the whole time....sloppy work for a network show. Tracy is great. Loved Oliver in this one you could really see the "dad" part of his character shine through. Loved Noelle & Frank interaction...don't understand what is up w/ Chris though and think Dov was silly to rob a drug dealer who doesn't know he is a cop using his own name.


To the writers I must say THANK YOU!!! We loyal Rookie Blue Fanatics FINALLY got what we wanted! I love this show, have from the very beginning. The love scene was amazing - tender and HOT!
Missy is a great actress. I felt her hurt and humilation when J.D. turned her down. Sam and Andy have such incredible chemistry, it really bums me out that I will have to wait until next summer for S3. Who's in charge at ABC? Give the people what we want - year round episodes! And I agree - Oliver is also great - more with him
too, please. _a


I'm so screwed. I mussed the episode because of the sorry *ss texans preseason game. I don't kno what to do :(

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