Rookie Blue Season Finale Review: Andy to the Rescue?

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It was the season finale of Rookie Blue and, wow, "God's Good Grace" sure shook things up at Division 15.

Was anyone else as continually suspicious of new officer Pete as I was? He was just too eager and into everyone's business. Of course, I could've  just been paranoid. He is a rookie after all.

Rookie Blue Season Finale Scene

I was really disappointed in Chris when he opened his big mouth and told Pete about Andy's personal business. Although I didn't think he was trying to be mean, I just think there are moments when Chris isn't very bright.

I did appreciate the look Dov shot him, though. I was pretty sure Epstein wanted to give him a smack and, heck, I wouldn't blame him.

It was certainly apropos that Luke was the one to ask who Candace was. Thankfully, Jerry ignored the question until they stepped outside, but Luke looked sucker punched when he told him it was Andy. Hey, he can be upset but it's not like Andy cheated on him. She just moved on.

Gail was back to true form in this episode and I absolutely loved it. How much fun was her conversation with Detective Armstrong? Abrasive, blunt, and straight to the point, that's when Gail really shines.

And did anyone else think Gail was setting her sights on Luke? Now there's a pairing I hadn't considered. Chris was the one who dumped her  Could Luke be a rebound on the way back to Dov or do you think these two have any lasting potential?

Am I the only one who felt like Noelle and Frank were moving way too fast? Didn't they just have a first date? Now it's baby makes three?!? I'm all for seeing them happy, I just felt like we've skipped a couple of steps on the way there.

So much for God's Good Grace. Swarek was getting his ass kicked by Brennan. Nothing like a little makeshift waterboarding to get someone's attention.

As vicious as Brennan was, the stories about his little girl broke my heart. Of course Sam was right. It was his own past that caught up with him and his family paid the price.

I was glad Swarek got his face time with Boyd at the end, but I really wanted to see the dirty detective hauled out in cuffs for covering up a murder and putting Swarek's life on the line. He surely would've pinned it all on Andy if Sam hadn't survived.

It bothered me a little that we didn't get a celebratory hug between Sam and Andy when Sam was rescued but I guess that would have been inappropriate with all of their fellow officers around.

I wish we could have seen Andy at least get in the car with Sam, but him asking her to come and try out being normal with him will have to satisfy me until next summer. To find out what normal means for Sam and Andy, we'll all have to wait and see.


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This is a long time coming from the season finale-oh well? So, assuming the writers of Rookie Blue really do read this tvfanatic stuff, I just have a few of MY thoughts (I realize filming for season 3 has already begun, but there could be changes?)Not listed in order; just random list, although the best for last... We, the fans know this is all make believe, right??? LOL DOV & SUE - great couple, keep them going and growing; I like how Sue really gets and understands Dov... I also really like her as an actress...
CHRIS - seems to be abit of a lost soul here, but I like him - Would love to see him with more of the priest from "A Little Faith"; (sorry, don't know his name, but I liked him)maybe Chris helping him with his troubled kid's program, maybe Chris meeting a nice lady who is not a police woman, who works with the priest; maybe a social worker?, an advocate for kids?...
TRACY & JERRY - just so cute!! Keep em moving ahead like they are now, Jerry trading in the "chick mobile" for something more family friendly (Loved Tracy "I Am The Tooth Fairy!!" - made me giggle)...
GAIL - tone down that blonde hair, bring her back to her natural color (come on, lot's of roots showing this season - LOL). Find her some man that won't put up with her b.s.; how about a hottie fireman or as Oliver says so "fondly" a hose monkey?... or, just wait, see below...
LUKE - I'm sorry but I feel he is the most weak character in this show. Should Jo be bought back? should he be transferred to another division? I honestly don't know what to think of him, other then his character is very unappealing to me - his whiny, sniveling, "poor me" pouting drives me nuts. Hello dude, letting that proverbial hot dog out looking for a new bun, consequences will be felt my friend!! LOL
(Sorry, I'm sure he's a nice guy in real life - LOL)...
OLIVER - well, I just love him!; his humor, down to earthness (is that a word?LOL), his commitment to his family (as one writer said said, bring in his wife Zoe)and friends and fellow workers. HE IS THE BEST (O.K., aside from the obvious other two)...
FRANK & NOELLE - I like them; I like them together. At first I thought ya maybe they need to go slower, but then I realized just go for it! The writers made it more then clear how desperate Noelle is to have a baby in the last few episodes and how they feel for each other and I think it would be great for her to get p.g. with Frank. Not having to wonder "who's your daddy"??LOL
BOYD- yu know, in a weird way I kinda like him and his assholeness (another one of my words LOL;)there always has to be a villain to stir things up and make the good guys better. He does need to be brought to task though for f-ing up Sam and his undercover. Maybe his ultimate punishment would be having to go back into uniform which he seems to detest. Clean him up, cut his hair-might be kinda cute... and what about him and Gail? O.K., maybe that is just really too scary LOL.
- and saving the best for last - :
SAM & ANDY - O.K., honestly I could go on and about these two, but I'm going to control myself and try and be to the point. What if they were just left to be together? how to handle not being able to be partners? (O.K., even I know in the real world (not this bizarre, weird world I have entered into with two people who are actors, just doing it so well) never would a couple be able to be paired together - but hey, this isn't real, right?-LOL) How to handle, just being partners together in life? Go on dates? Go grocery shopping? Maybe buy a house? Get married- (quick engagement, the whole Luke/Andy thing ruined it for me)take all their buddies (not Luke or Boyd, of course!) with them, some where hot with a beach and say their vows to each other and have their honeymoon/holiday with their friends, even Andy's dad.I'd love to see more of him (he's also a great actor; I think he played the dad to the sheriff in "The Good Witch" series) with Andy and Sam, maybe Sam going with Andy to Al-Non to truly understand the depths of Andy's despair with her dad being an alcoholic, maybe build a healthier relationship with her dad - the love is there, just not the trust. What I'm getting at here, is just be "normal", every day stuff right? Yeah, I don't think that's going to happen due to creative writers.
We, the fans know this is all make believe, right??? LOL


I actually liked the ending of the Finale. I like how Rookie Blue has been written so far and trust the writers. Yes, I would like to have seen Sam appear to have been alot more hurt than he seemed after he was beaten up, and yes, I would like to see Andy and Sam definitely together, but believe me, I have not been that disappointed in any of the scenes! Stretching scenes out (of course Andy and Sam) and keeping me in suspense, and I love the scenes with Oliver. Sure, I could watch Sam all night, but I really also enjoy every one of them because they each have alot to offer and help to make it a great TV series. Writers, I'm sure you'll make the right choices - keep up the great work and I know Season 3 will be worth the wait. Thanks to each of the cast members - you do become like a family member you know - so I pray for each one of you!!


Still recovering from the last episode just magic and just what we all wanted Sam/Andy. Luke and Gail I can see it Gail got some of JO(lukes


I thought for sure that Pete was from Internal Affairs and we would find out he was investgating Boyd. If the ever need someone to die on this show I hope it is Chris. HTF did he make it through the academy? What is up with Sam and Andy getting suspended while Frank is chasing Noel? That whole story looked liked it bordered on harassment! Itis still my favorite show right behind Top Gear (UK), Burn Notice and Royal Pains.


@alejandra ... now that you've mentioned it ... some Luke-Gail shagging would be cool and possibly interesting, but they wouldn't work for me as a couple. Would prefer to see them both get some fresh fish to rock their world :) @Mark ... I can understand those house scenes annoyed you since Andy was all drama queen for you, but I saw it totally differently ... to me, that was one of the best scenes ... there was this rookie who has not yet smelled the coffee in the car with her and she was walking down the memory lane ... she told that rookie what she would have wanted to hear and she never did ... she got to experience it from day one on the job though ... She didn't only show feelings for Sam, to her it was a rainbow of feelings she had felt ever since she joined D15... and I thought that was pretty damn cool. It's interesting though how we all see stuff differently, isn't it? This show rocks.


Everything in this episode was good except towards the end where the cops stormed the house to rescue Sam and Andy was explaining what was happening to the new rookie. Like, jeez, just STFU. Try to act all dramatic and sh*t. That just ruined the whole scene for me. Otherwise, good episode in other respects.


I almost completely agree with Dasha....except for the Gail thang. It sounds awesome that Gail could be completely cold and not have any male companionship but unrealistic as hell. Even if its just for what's under his pants. Her and Chris/Dov were blah and interchangeable. Gail needs some passion in her life. She needs some hot and sweaty sex lol. I dont care much for her or Luke but I damn sure kno they will be hawt. They are both cold, calculating, bitchy rebounds. They don't mibce words and are so alike they might just actually let go. They don't need eachother but they may just want eachother! Excited for them and this whole damb show and all its badassness :). Had to say ine thing....Sandy is the best tv couple ever. None even compare and irs barely the end of the second season. Damn the wait is gonna kill me


@carmen ... I totally agree with you on your intake. My thoughts exactly. I never liked Boyd, he was always such an ass and so f***ing arrogant. What ticked me off was his behaviour in the interrogation room with Andy. He has never ever been civil to her and would yell at her at any given moment. But he was just way too "understanding" when Frank yelled at her. The thing was that he only wanted to see how much Andy actually knew about all of it. And how he took the file from Traci when she mentioned God's Good Grace and getting all paranoid when the rooks weren't there, anyone noticed that? It was just so obvious there's more to this story than meets the eye. And he would have pinned it all on Andy if Sam didn't get out of that house alive. I hope we get to see his arse kicked in season 3. I do not want the writers to make Gail a pathetic character, but with all these love stories around her they're doing just that. It makes her look so desperate and that is in such contradiction with her bitchy queen character. She's like picking up Andy's leftovers so to speak. First she tried to get Sam in season 1 after Andy took her distance in ep.2. He couldn't care less about her, so they've hooked her up with Chris, which was not a bad thing really as he humanized her a bit :). Then Dov all of a sudden falls madly in love with her which lasts for about an episode or two and then that's over. Now she's eying Luke? C'mon. How pathetic is that. Can't they bring in someone fresh for her to hook up with if they need to hook her up so badly? Luke was being a total ass wanting to make Andy feel bad for seeing Sam. I would have so kicked his ass when he was being all sarcastic to her when she was the only one that stood by him and believed him and in him regarding that psycho soldier serial killer case. Suck it up, Callaghan. Your bad, your screw up. Was I the only one that saw a baby coming after e11 when Frank replied "No, I don't think it's the closest we're ever get to knowing that". What a hint to give. And just because we didn't get to see them jump in the sack that doesn't mean they haven't been doing it, right :) I want to see more of Ollie in season 3 - the husband Ollie that is. Would love to meet mrs. Shaw and get some interaction with them, that would be so great to watch. Love the stable and steady relationship between Traci and Jerry. These two are so good together. I hope they live them alone and not try to mess it up for them in season 3. Loved how Dov rolled his eyes at Pete not realizing he's looking at himself two years ago lol. He was even worse than Pete. Btw, would love to see officer Sun come back in season 3, he seemed to be a great team player. And he has fit in well with the rest of them. Looking forward to seeing Chris getting all swareky-bad-ass in season 3. Travis is doing such a great job playing this naive okie from the skokie. It's a tough act to pull off, being a badass is much easier, don't you agree? :) Saving the best for last :) ... Andy and Sam were abso-fooken-lutely amazing in season finale. These two have such a great chemistry! Man they must have a blast doing this show, sooooo cool. They will totally get together while under suspension. And I can just see Swarek getting all badass telling the disciplinary board of Boyd's mess and how Andy wasn't a breach but has saved his life and the operation as well. But until then we will have so much fun watching them trying to be "normal together". Can't wait to see where they'll go with Sam's domestic knowledge. I bet he'll be assembling the furniture for Andy's flat only to have her never stay there. She'll move in with him sooner or later, I'm sure of that. Anyhoo ... at the end of my epic recap, hopes and desires I can only say that making us wait for season 3 until next summer is just plain wicked. Medieval torture that is. Not a very nice thing to do to us fans!! Please, please consider making this a permanent 22 episodes per season show. You would be getting standing ovations from your fans, to say the least. Nuff said.


Continued.....BTW Really like the potential pairing of Luke and Gail. They could be passionate and b*tchy together. She's to much for Dov and Chris. An older guy is better since she thinks so highly of herself. Frank and Nelle are a lil creepy time wise but I thi k this show is moving fast. Sandy hve knowb each other for 2 each season is another year. Um having withdrawals already! Its already been picked up for a 3rd and I can't wait.

Carmen scheer

First of all I thought Boyd was an ass!!!! The cover story he gave to Sam was the screw up unless he meant to do that, but the boat is what tipped Brennan off that he was a cop. It wasn't any of Andy's doing but that is what Boyd wanted everyone to believe. He blamed it on Andy's breach, but if it wasn't for Andy being there Sam would of most likely been killed by Brennan since she got all that info from Brennan when he took her for that drive. Now she and Sam are being suspended for something that probably saved his life, no thanks to Boyd. Frank and Noelle cute, and I kind of saw it coming between Luke and Gail. I just didn't see Gail and Dov together. Strange pair. Sam and Andy together they are a good match. Indict Boyd for being a self-absorbed bastard.

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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Pete: Who hangs up on the police?
Dov: Lots of people. You get used to it.

Swarek's a badass. He's probably wired up somewhere playing poker with the bad guys.