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Sons of Anarchy Episode Trailer: A Look Ahead

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The Sons of Anarchy returned to Charming last night, as season four premiered with a look at all that's changed in 14 months.

Tara is a mother; Clay's arthritis is worse than ever; there's new law enforcement in town; and Jax has re-prioritized his life. Oh, and SAMCRO has made a major moves in the arms deal with the Russians and the Irish.

Where is it all going? Check out the following promo for future season four episodes, as Clay's need for a big score appears to take the club in a new, dangerous direction:

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Sons of Anarchy Quotes

Gemma knows every truth behind every lie inside every secret. She's the gatekeeper.


So is that why grandma killed my other mommy so my first mommy could be here with me?

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