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My prediction is that before their conversation begins Jessica has to step away, Trevor listens to Mike's voicemail about "the thing he has to tell him," realizes that Mike was planning on coming clean and has a change of heart - making the whole thing a big, silly smoke screen.

I'm not 100% sure why I still watch this show. Harvey and Donna are always fantastic, Rachel and Louis are occasionally interesting, and Trevor - along with pretty much every other guy at the firm - is a worthless DB who shouldn't have survived the pilot.

BTW - has Rick Hoffman just totally let himself go or do they intentionally use bad wardrobe and lighting to make him look like the uglist man in the world?


The thing is, I'd rather just drop Jenny entirely than try to play catch up with her characterization after an entire season on neglect. After all, there are still members of the main cast who still have yet to be fully characterized, like Rachel, for example. I'd rather see a storyline for Rachel where she provides the primary motive force for the plot, even if said storyline is resolving whatever the hell happened to Rachel way back when that made her turn down Mike earlier in the season, than see Jenny and her part in Mike's personal life.

Unless, of course, the part of Mike's personal life we're talking about is Mike's grandmother. Seriously, she's awesome. We need more of her.


It was good. Why can't Mike have the same relationship with Rachel that Harvey has with Donna? Yes Pearson and Hardman should have caught fire by now from their chemistry but I've made my points against their relationship in previous posts. Rachel and Jenny are kind of similar and both underused, more so Jenny. Jenny has no story besides being Mike's friend/girlfriend apart from a couple scenes: the graduate party and the double date. Otherwise drop Jenny. Trevor will be written out sometime in Season 2. For non-law firm characters, Mike can spend more time with his grandma and ,I don't know, maybe a neighbor or something. Jenny and Rachel both need more scenes with people other than Mike. Couldn't Harvey have a better rival than Louis? Louis is such a sad human being. Donna and Rachel had great scenes this ep. Harvey was great this ep. Donna is great in any scene. The new DA was great.


No need to worry guys...The hacker chick already gave Mike a fake but real as heck looking Law school diploma.

Also...How the heck did Trevor get past security and right into Jessica Pearsons Face??? Didn't Jenny get stopped at the entrance when she was just trying to deliver a suit? Harvey knows Trevor just as much as he knows Jenny. How the heck did Trevor get inside the building??


I know Donna's not omniscient. It's just easy to ascribe superpowers to her because she's just that awesome.


i thought that during the episode where the girl hacker tried to take out her father's company by stealing money that she managed to put Mike in the system has being a Harvard Law graduate. Did I make a mistake? Trevor needs to be taken out and Mike is protected from his disloyalty if I am right about the the hacker.


..and in that vein, it's inconceivable to me how Mike could date anyone who's never seen Casablanca (and then refers to it as "old").


You've never seen Mississippi Burning?! Good lord.


Opening a can of whoopass. LOL Maybe they will let us know next season :( :( :( So farrr away :(


First of all, like a lot of people, I, too wonder about the can opener thing. I'm not sure what the food or ritual was, but I would sure like to know. I know that attorneys, much like ball players, can be very superstitious when it comes to winning in court. So, Harvey and Donna have been doing it for a while.

@Allen K.
You are correct, Mike is covered when it comes to his degree, but not when it comes to passing the Bar Exam. Though he did pass it, he was using a different identity, that of a female, in fact, Rachel's friend. Therefore, if Jessica were to check his credentials, she would find he has not passed the Bar, which would throw both he and Harvey into hot water.

What I enjoyed most in this episode was Jessica coming to Donna's defense. Donna was protecting Harvey, even if he couldn't see it. Plus, the chemistry between them is incredible. They play so well off each other.

Are we watching the same show? What history we know of Rachel indicates she could NOT be Jessica's daughter. Also, if Jessica knew what Harvey and Mike had done, she would be duty-bound to report it and take action.

Donna is not omniscient, just very smart and manipulative. She knows what she knows because she pays attention to details and listens. Not to mention, secretaries are invisible to a lot of people, and that allows them to overhear things they can later use to their advantage. Donna knows how to play the game, and she does it very well.

There are places in this series where the writing has fallen short, and the inconsistencies have been noticeable, but overall, I think this show is worth watching.

FYI: Gabriel Macht looks awesome in a black shirt.

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