Suits Season Finale Review: You Can't Go Back

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Suits delivered a high stakes season finale with "Dog Fight," as Harvey and Mike both sought to reconcile their pasts.

Harvey fought to exonerate a man wrongly convicted during his time with former DA Cameron Dennis, while facing a new DA, Terrence Wolf, who impeded his progress at every turn. At the same time, Mike struggled to keep a deceivingly reformed Trevor aloof of his relationship with Jenny, Trevor's ex.

Suits Season Finale Scene

It was quite the intense balancing act, to say nothing of the tension brewing at Pearson & Hardman, where Jessica, Louis, Donna, and even Rachel, dealt with the fallout of Harvey's decision to take the case.

What a rough week to be Harvey Specter! Terrence Wolf was determined to shut Harvey down at every turn, but I wasn't surprised how hard he pushed back. I've never seen Mississippi Burning, but given how effective it was in supplying Mike and Harvey ammunition to keep their case alive, it certainly deserves a view.

Chi McBride played his character well. I always love him as a guest star, but he really played to his strengths as the new DA. I would love to see more of him in the future.

I'd also like to see more emerge in Harvey's origin story. Cameron Dennis sort of dropped off the face of the planet. Clearly, he's under investigation, but the abruptness of his replacement was rather disconcerting to me.

Either way, Clifford Danner was finally set free after serving a sentence for a crime he didn't commit. But did this really absolve Harvey of all the wrongs, with or without his knowledge, done while an ADA? I don't think so. Lucky for the writers, and viewers too, this may prove prime fodder for next season in whatever form it may take.

Aside from Harvey's troubles, there were some interesting and even adversarial dynamics emerging at the firm.

Louis attempted to play hardball more than once with Jessica, foolishly posturing for a promotion to senior partner. He refused to take one for the team without being directly threatened by Jessica. He doesn't even know how to be a partner when he's doing a case, how could he possibly be a partner in a firm?

Suits is a "must watch," according to this promo/TV Fanatic!

Donna was brilliant in her pursuit of Louis to have his cousin rush the DNA results. Sarah Rafferty for the win... again. But it was even better when Jessica wanted to see him in her office anyways.

I enjoyed getting to learn a little more about Donna this week. It never occurred to me to ask whether or not Harvey and Donna had ever had a thing. Part of me wonders if Donna would ever want something to happen between? You could almost see a series of times in the past when the thought had crossed her mind once Rachel suggested it.

However, there are a variety of complications that could arise should that ever be an option, ones which would have the potential to take away from the bromance we all know on this show. For this reason, I can entertain the thought, but would prefer the writers not act on my humble musings.

I do have to wonder: what were they doing with that can opener?

As for Trevor, that storyline is dangerously close to running its course. The dude is bad news. You don't need any specialist or highly trained psychologist to tell you that. I could see him ratting Mike out from a mile away. He's like a child. He's angry that his best friend is dating his girl. It's not like Trevor didn't already accuse Mike of having a thing for her long ago. This isn't new.

He's just angry that Mike has his life together, as patchwork and imperfect it might still be. Mike's secret makes him extremely vulnerable.

We can know this for certain: Something's going to happen to keep Trevor from being able to finish that thought. We'll just have to wait until summer 2012 to find out what that thing might be.

Thanks, Suits, for an epic first summer. Here's to celebrating season two and beyond!


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No. Mike went to college, but he had never obtained an undergraduate degree, let alone gone to law school. In New York, it is possible to obtain a license to practice law without having completed law school, through a procedure known as "reading law". The applicant substitutes a law degree with studying for an extended period of time under an experienced lawyer. HOWEVER, in New York, reading law requires that the applicant had completed a year of law school before he is eligible to take the bar. Mike is still committing fraud when he works for the firm as an associate. Granted, some of your points still stand. Rachel remains horribly under-written, and the atrocious love triangle storylines are only redeemed through Meghan Markle's performances as well as her's and Adam's phenomenal chemistry. Jenny remains a completely blank slate, and the writer's failure to give Jenny the slightest bit of character makes me wonder why I'm supposed to care about her at all, while her actress's performances do nothing to give the character a life of her own. I understand that Mike is one of the main leads, but the writers have been completely neglecting Rachel in terms of her own storylines where she provides a motive force rather than playing a supporting part. While Mike can remain peripherally linked to these plots, or play a supporting role, Rachel needs a storyline or five where she is the primary mover. Of course, Harvey's storylines are beautifully done, as always. Despite the presence of so many phenomenal and well characterized female characters, the show utterly fails the Bechdel Test. There are a myriad of potential plot lines and ways to remedy this problem, and a failure to address it in Season 2 would be unforgivable. Under no circumstances was it ever suggested that Rachel was Hardman's daughter, and the idea itself is preposterous and completely against Rachel's existing characterization. And Jessica is a crazy good lawyer, but that doesn't make her omniscient. That would be Donnna's power. Overall, Suits is a show with unfortunately mediocre writing, which is more than made up for by incredible cast chemistry and acting.


Two Words
Predictable dribble One of the first shows I ever watch was The Pretender. Suits reminds me of that show. Great premise, flawless pilot and both lacking of serious direction. Although Suits also fails in character accuracy. Aaron Korsh has clearly taken on too many characters. A heartbreaking shame as the cast is exceptional. If it wasn't for Donna and Jessica I never would of watch after 1.03 Inside Track. Season One was a display of inaccuracy and disappointments.
My Big Three Examples Jenny and Rachel seem to swap personalities every other episode.
Harvey is supposed to be the best but never won an argument in court.
Mike is doing all of this for his grandma who disappeared. Early in the season I made two assumptions.
That Rachel was Hardermans daughter and that Jessica already knows what Mike and Harvey have done. The ladder has to be true if we're to believe Jessica is the smartest person at the firm , after all Donna knows. Finally it's clear that my expectations have done me in. So I'll leave you with this. Mike went to college and past the bar exam. In NY and several other states Mike can practice law. He would be known or called a country lawyer. So he isn't doing anything illegal except that he is lying to the firm. The fact that Harvey nor Mike have brought this up is just well %$^#@>..


Never mind the fact that Trevor would never get up to Pearson Hardman since security stopped Mike's girlfriend from delivering a suit at the lobby.


I am desperate to know. What the heck were Harvey and Donna doing with that can opener!?!?!?!? any ideas? little lunch date with tuna fish??lol. i wanna know!!


What I want to know is what the hell was the deal with the can opener??? That's going to bug me...


Yes she did give mike all of that but she also said if someone were to look deeper they would find out the truth.


I don't remember the episode number, but the one that Amanda Crew played "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" --- she gave Mike a Harvard law degree, and all the credentials that went with it. She then specifically stated that they could check his records and everything checks out. Given this, there is no reason that anything Trevor says matters - Mike's protected. And, the show would cease to exist if both Harvey and Mike were out of that firm ...

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