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Wow, my thoughts on the episode were the exactly the reverse of the reviewer. I found the Amy/Leonard scenes funny. And I see no reason not to ask another male friend to attend a wedding if your boyfriend knows.

However, it seems I am in minority about the Bernadette/Howard/Mrs.Wolowitz storyline. I don't find it funny at all. In fact that storyline is why I stopped watching last year. I'm sick and tired of Jewish mamaboy stereotype. I'm sick and tired of overbearing controling Jewish mother stereotype. It isn't funny to me anymore. I liked it last season when Bernadette broke-up with Howard because of it. I wanted to throw-up when Bernadette became just like his mother at the end. The only thing that would have saved the scene for me was if Howard figured out that he didn't actually want Bernadette to change but that didn't happen.

I'm sorry but I loved the show for a long time. However, if that storyline goes that way I'm done.


I loved the episode. A lot. Loved the Amy/Leonard, the implied Sheldon/Amy, Amy rocked as was really a good one for me. One of my favorites ever, and certianly of the season!


I agree it wasn't a very funny episode. I was curious about Amy/Leonard interactions but at the end a little disappointed. Leonard wasn't in the mood, which is sad, because I love Leonard, who is a lovable character for me, but unfortunatly, he isn't really funny!
And was I the only one to think the Raj/Howard bromance relations was very present in the few scene Raj had!? I mean, yes it is funny, but it seems very unlikely that Howard calls Raj "Honey"! Don't you think?


Very poor episode. Sheldon isnt fun in a relationship, and I don't think being in a deeper relationship is going to be any funnier.

From the outset I would never think of Amy and Leonard together. Amy is like an inferior Leslie winkle.

And don't get me started on Bernadette and Howard. The longer he is allowed to have his creepy relationship with his mother, the more self respect I lose for her. And she is one of my favourite characters usually because she doesn't take any of his crap.


Bernadette did an excellent imitation of Howard's mother in the hospital, too, when they were there thinking that the mother had had a heart attack. I agree that it would be wonderfully funny to see Howard and Bernadette living with his mother after they marry.

I really think that the whole dance thing was set up to give Sheldon the impetus to hit Leonard, and inch him towards a slightly more normal take on his relationship with his girl friend. (He may not call her that, but that is what she is.)

Amy pretty much told Leonard that he was going to take her to the dance, more than asked him to take her. I know a young woman who can sit on the couch and zone out the way Amy did, but in the case of my friend, she is not thinking about anything. Just vacant. Because of that friendship, the scene with Amy sitting and thinking was much funnier for me than I guess it was for anyone else. I have SEEN that.

I am curious how well Mayim Bialik likes making jokes about her own appearance that way. The "falling in love" bit was at her expense, largely. She is a bright, educated, experienced actress, wife, and mother. She actually has a Ph.D., unlike the other actors on the show. Yet she is stuck playing off her lack of typical starlet beauty? That bothers me. I realize it is funny that Amy can delude herself into believing that Leonard loves her, but I am saddened that it is supposed to be ridiculous.

I love this show, but I guess the fact that I am thinking about stuff like this shows that the reviewer and fortyseven are right. It wasn't a very good episode.


Must be something wrong the writing with Chuck Lorre's company because these episodes are typically drying up in the creative writing department. HIMYM is actually getting back to its basics while this show is simmering forwards.

Spoilers ahead...

What was Raj doing in this episode? Not much, still some bad mojo with telling Bernadette and Howard the truth about his crush.

What is Penny doing? Again, not much.

What is Sheldon doing? Again not much. Only guys of a certain age and weird people like me would understand the popular O-gauge train track preference.


Strange episode. It wasn't very funny. Amy and Leonard were somewhat interesting to watch. I was surprised at Sheldon hitting Leonard. The actress that plays Bernadette did a good imitation of Howard's mom at Comic Con. I thought she sounded a lot like her in the ep.

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