The Closer Summer Finale Review: Who's the Mole?

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What are the odds that Brenda would be on trial for the death of one suspect, while another took his own life in her interrogation room? "Fresh Pursuit" examined just that scenario.

With the slow motion camera action, I was certain the suspect would get Brenda instead, and I was quite pleased when she came out unharmed. 

Gavin in Court

My first thought was that the mole we've all been expecting to be unearthed was going to great lengths to make sure he or she was not found out. Certainly someone could not want Brenda gone so much that they would risk the lives of everyone in the department... right?

As it turned out, I watched the entire episode not looking for clues in the case itself, but on the lookout for something in the overarching subplot of the leak in Major Crimes. Was someone going to get shot, would the mole be revealed? It was beyond frustrating.

Along those lines, when Gabriel let the "big fish" suspect leave his sight, I thought I would scream. I knew Brenda would be waiting outside at another exit, but when you suspect everyone it gets unnerving. Seeing Brenda pointing a gun at the suspect in her bare feet was a real kick.

And then, the hammer to the head: The opposing attorney, Mr. Goldman, lost the case against her in the state of California... but took it one step further and filed a federal one. Who in the Hell was the mole?!? As Brenda stood there, shaking like a leaf, I realized the case was at a much higher level than I had dared to believe. When Brenda asked if he had a personal vendetta, I had to accept that if not him, then someone surely did. 

And that was it. The end. The summer finale. It concluded with a look of sheer terror on Brenda's face, as she, and we, tried to process what Goldman was doing. With a sense of disbelief and despair, we're left to wonder if it's their intent to try to ruin every good thing that Brenda spent five years creating. Her reputation, that of the Major Crimes division, and our relationship with them as viewers are all in jeopardy. 

I felt like I was standing on a ladder and someone kicked it out from under me. I now have months of waiting to find out what, or who, is really behind this ultra-aggressive lawsuit. My only coherent guess is Pope, and the thought of him being behind such pain is too grievous to imagine. 

What are your thoughts? Who is doing this to Brenda and why? Was there a particular case during the run of The Closer that would lead someone to have such an enormous grudge? Meet us back here this winter to find out.


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I think it's Gabriel. He's a goody two shoes.


I don't like Gabriel's girlfriend being the leak. It's seems like a convenient scapegoat to bring on an unlikeable character two episodes before the reveal, give a one sentence explanation to say they've been in the action the entire time, then pin the dastardly deed on said character. I don't like Gabriel because he was in the vehicle at the time of the crime, he wasn't subpeonaed which raised major flags and the whole girlfriend angle. Unless he takes the fall for someone I wouldn't be impressed. I don't like pope because there's an undercurrent of animosity between the two of them and she already has realized how pope is which wouldn't make it a big surprise. Not to mention they're not going to major crimes which makes all of them targets.


Like many of you I've been leaning toward Pope as the leak. He's two-faced, self-serving, untrustworthy not to mention he's screwed Brenda over before in their personal relationship. We know that Gabriel and Pope aren't going to Major Crimes so it's hard not to think the leak wouldn't be one of them but that seems too easy. And Gabriel's too popular to go out as a snitch. Last Monday, a new character -- an unlikeable one -- surfaced. Gabriel's new girlfriend, an attorney-to-be, seems to be a stickler for following the rules. Brenda and the others treated her very coldly. We also learned she's been dating Gabriel 1 year......that's when Goldman's lawsuits started. Maybe Gabriel's been telling the girlfriend what's been going on at work and she's the leak. If we find out she's been working for the weasle Goldman, we'll have our answer. Favorite episodes: all of Provensa and Flynn's screw-ups from the body in Provensa's garage to the funeral where an extra body flew out of the casket. They've been entertaining and great fun. Nothing can beat Season One for the best show on t.v. One suggestion for the new Major Crimes. Please, for the love of fashion, someone cut Capt. Raydor's hair! It'd look soooo much better........too, ladies of Hollywood: it's okay to age gracefully.


However they decide to close the series with the mole...they are going to have to end it the right way so people will still want to watch Major Crimes. We really like Brenda! That would, in my opinion, include some closure for Brenda and justice. I would want that to include Pope as well as her serial rapist. Maybe from there she joins the FBI, or she does what I did and makes a change to be closer to her aging parents for awhile. I would imagine that Rader has been covertly researching the mole concerns. Gabriel did have a problem with the way Brenda handled "dropping the guy off" but it would seem more likely the girlfriend would end up under the bus then Gabriel himself...perhaps chalk it up to mattress worries.
I have actually worked with enough people who toss subordinates under the bus for self preservation. I also have seen them finally get there comeuppance. Ultimately, that is my hope for Pope! He brought her in and she takes him out!


I think it's Irene Daniels, David's ex girfriend.


Pope or Gabriel will be the leak. It is nonsense to think it would be Fritz. Andy and Provenza are not rats. Sanchez has too much respect and having it be Buzz or Tao would not be interesting. Brenda is a cop's cop. Pope needs a pacifier and Gabriel plays by the so-called book. Taylor is too obvious and though filled with jealousy likes to see bad people brought to justice. Raydor is internal affairs which gives her a license to leak. Gabriel broke the book once in the episode "Ruby" and Brenda took him to task. Then she breaks the rules. Pope is a petulant little man trying to fill his ego with his job. Can't be chief, can't have wife, can't have Brenda, not as smart as Brenda...she has to go anywhere. He gives her the ultimate lack of respect though she solves every thing and makes the department look good. You know then there is this new big mouth girlfriend of Gabriel's that we now find out he has been living with for some time. Bedroom chatter being repeated? Look at the series as a whole. That is what I am trying to do. And I plan on watching the spinoff.


I agree with Trish. My vote is Pope.


Sorry, I should have read the comments before submitting mine.


I think I've solved it. The leak is Gabriel's girlfriend. Gabriel has clearly told her all about Brenda (she mentioned it to him tonight that she finally witnessed what he had been talking about for the past year). She is a law student, maybe interning for Goldman or had some relationship to him. Thus, none of her Team has intentionally betrayed her, which wouldn't make sense from a story standpoint, they have all covered for her in the past, why would one of them turn on her.


I agree with you, Katie. Gabriela has been confiding in his girlfriend, who is an aspiring soon-to-be attorney, and she is taking it back to "the devil" attorney. It would be sad if she has only been using Gabriel this whole time for information. It was what Rador said to Gabriel last night that tipped it for me. She told him it would always be good to get an attorney's opinion now and then, and he said I do get it from her whether I want it or not. It's her vicariously through Gabriel.

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