The Closer Review: "Star Turn"

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It was cool looking at major crimes through the eyes of the media. I've never even given a second thought to public perception, but considering their usual antics, it was nice to see they didn't come off as a bunch of buffoons.

Although Commander Taylor's suit was a bit bright.

Star Turn Scene

Ken Howard appeared in an amusing turn as the victim of the week's son in law. Some of his lines were so colorful they couldn't even be used as quotes, and he played them brilliantly. It's high time to see him in another role as someone's father so he has the opportunity to bring his entertaining line delivery to us on a weekly basis.

I can't say the same for the appearance of Rick Gonzalez, who I loved on Reaper. He played an exploitative Hollywood manager in "Star Turn" and did such a good job I would have been happy to reach through the screen and wipe the smirk off of his face. Brenda was right there with me. Shaking his hand even made her grimace.

His role and the case highlighted some of the many reasons I steer clear of talent shows and teen sensations. I just don't believe the motivations for making a tween into a superstar are ever as innocent as giving into a little girl's or boy's desire for happiness.

I was so happy that someone finally told Pope she didn't trust him. That it came from the lips of Captain Raydor, and it was actually in support of Brenda, which made it even better. Pope hasn't been trustworthy since Brenda was up for a promotion and it's been sickening to watch him bask in the ill fate of Chief Delk.

If there was one reason for Brenda not to sign the agreement to get rid of the lawsuit against major crimes, it would be to keep Mark Pellegrino around as her attorney, Gavin. He fits so well with the cast and some of the most enjoyable moments in recent history have come due to his involvement. His childlike excitement at the chance to watch Brenda in action with the suspect was a perfect example.

As luck would have it, and to Pope's great dismay, Gavin and Raydor talked Brenda out of agreeing to the settlement. I hope the midseason finale will showcase some more extraordinary scenes between the three of them, and that Pope will finally realize the error of his ways in his treatment of Brenda and the whole situation. 


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I also believe Pope is the snitch! He hasnt been "himself"! Some new episodes will come on in November, but I think I read thats after those episode it will be the end of the show! :-( husband used 2 say that Brenda was always 2 slick & conniving, guess it might have caught up with her...i hope the show ends on a happy note!


Almost forgot: The review mentioned Rick Gonzalez's role in the canceled-too-soon series, Reaper. Just wanna point out that Curtis Armstrong also appeared in Reaper as a wannabe gear-head and coworker of Gonzalez. Also, the actor who played the Devil in Reaper (Kicking myself because I can't think of his name despite the fact that he is one of my favorite character actors), appeared as a lawyer in at least two episodes of The Closer. What is his name, damnit?!?


@ Icingdeath: I just can't pass up an oppurtunity to acknowledge a fellow fan of THE greatest character in all of Fantasy, Drizzt Do'Urden!!! Aside from the Two-part, cross-country trip in a motorhome with the Johnson family, Christmas episode, I can't remember laughing so much while watching The Closer. Wordfanne said it all: "LOVE THAT LAWYER!!" Mark Pellegrino is truly talented. Carissa mentioned his facial expressions in last week's review and she was right. Just watching his reaction to what the other characters were saying had me laughing. The way he peered over the rim of his glasses and enthusiastically chewed his Twizzlers alongside Lt. Tao has me laughing now just thinking about it. Even Buzz got in on the action when he ad libbed, "Why do you think they call me Buzz?" Also happy to see Raydor voice her distrust of Pope.


I LOVE show I'll be sorry to see it end. The group works so well together. I especially enjoy the comic relief with Flynn and Provenza. I think Pope is the leak.


A terrific show! The attorney is fantastic - as is Capt Raynor - I think Pope is the snitch - will be so sorry to see this season end - I do hope this is not the end of the show - it is definitely one of the best on TV - not just cable but better than most shows on prime time too -


Was so thrilled to see the White Shadow play such a great part - Ken Howard was awesome. I, too, love Mark Pellegrino as Gavin - he makes me laugh out loud. So glad Brenda didn't sign!


At the end of the show, there was a blurb for next week's show that said Summer Finale. I thought this was the last season of the show. Will it go on without


LOVE THAT LAWYER!! Don't know a thing about him, but he BETTER be acknowledged as the star he is--what a great episode!

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