The Good Wife Round Table: Jews, Muslims and Tutors

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It was a brand new, hot day on The Good Wife this week, as Alicia and company returned with an inner-office romance and a case that focused on Israel-Palestinian relations.

Below, editor-in-chief Matt Richenthal teams up with staff writers Christine Orlando and Steve Marsi to tackle the premiere and the various issued it raised. Welcome to the latest edition of The Good Wife Round Table!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The introduction of the new Alicia. She walked out of that elevator with a confidence (and a hairstyle) never before seen on the show. Eli took notice, Grace took notice later on. Hot sex with your boss can do wonders, apparently.

Christine: Honestly, it was Will and Alicia discussing Diane's observations about their relationship while having sex up against a wall. It's such a departure from what I'm used to seeing on this show. I didn't see that one coming.

Steve: Every one that featured Kelli Giddish. I may need to start watching Law & Order: SVU.

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Should Will and Alicia go public with their romance?
Matt: Absolutely. Any fear Alicia may have had about the effect on her children was cleared up when Grace essentially have the divorce her blessing. Are she and Will afraid of the ramifications at work? Being caught in a lie would look much worse.

Christine: I think Alicia should officially file for divorce first. Then she can be open about moving on. Until then, this is their dirty little secret and can be a very sticky situation both personally and professionally.

Steve: No, not yet, not with Peter as the State's Attorney. He may be sincere about his desire to run a clean office now, but watch him change his mind and go hard after Gardner/Lockhart if this dalliance came out.

Give a grade to the case of the week.
Matt: Just to the case? D. Yes, it opened up doors for other characters to get involved in interesting ways, most notably Eli. But the actual defendant and the crime and the evidence (video game logs?!?) were a snooze.

Christine: B-. I enjoyed it, not necessarily for the case itself but for the involvement of the characters. The one-upsmanship between Cary and Kalinda was great and how wonderful was Eli? He unapologetically plays all angles. His "Arab Spring" campaign made me laugh. It's like Irish Spring, only with Arabs.

Steve: A-. Mostly for the guts it took to even feature a Jewish/Muslim debate. I can't think of another show that would touch this subject and do so without offending either side.

Grace's tutor: Cool and quirky, or just plain weird?
Matt: Ummm, I didn't even know the tutor was a female until Grace uttered the appropriate pronoun near the end. So gotta go with "just plain weird."

Christine:Just plain weird, but sometimes someone so very different can be entertaining. We'll see if the tutor returns and how different she continues to be. 

Steve: Everything with Grace feels a bit forced. Remember when she into religion for like two days? I understand the show has to include scenes of Alicia as a mother, but it needs to do a better job incorporating her kids into sensible storylines.


I wasn't crazy about the case itself, but I enjoyed everyone's connection to the case. Eli got to be Eli, which means smarter than everyone else. Kalinda and Alicia were shown to be a bit off their game. Diane had to remind them who they work and to get themselves together. Cary (with help from Peter) got to one up Alicia in court, although I'm not convinced Alicia was trying to avoid all Jewish judges. Kalinda asked for more time, and I think Alicia was trying to get her time by recusing the judge. And then there was Wasim - a very, very handsome man. The scene between Will and Alicia may have been one of the best sex scenes I have seen on television. But considering Alicia look at the end of the episode, I think Alicia has doubts about what she is doing with Will, and after Will's conversation with Kalinda, so should a viewer. Oh, I do think Alicia should get some but then move on. Her look at the end also made me wonder if her entire demeanor right now is a facade. The tutor will be back, and I hope this is going somewhere interesting and intelligent. Question: Why would Grace ask the tutor to set up her computer when she has Zach - the family's personal IT department? I look forward to Diane popping up at Alicia's home next week. Part of me really wants Alicia to confide in her, because my goodness, Alicia needs to confide in someone. If you are going to share a bed with one boss, you might as well share your thoughts with the other.


Not sure will contuine to watch since show was moved to 10 pm on Sunday night. I did not like anything about the first 20 mins I got to see from my recording. Programs that follow football do not record well and since I can not stay up late enough to watch this show I have to record well in advance. Loved this show but will now have to find another show to record in this time slot.


I love all scenes with Alicia and Will. I also love the 'secret' relationship they are enjoying but they would need to be open about it eventually. However, this first episode did not really disclose if Alicia and Will are in a relationship or is it just sex? I thought Grace's tutor was weird and it did not do any good to the show. Not sure where the story line will go from that 1st episode. Definitely weird and not very realistic to the whole situation.


Everything about Christine says, I agree with her.


Didnt like the whole episode, felt strange and Alicias scene in the elevator was so unreal "Alicia would never do that".
Then the Jewish/Arab conflict; it was even worse, couldnt a Jewish student have been the Gameplayer? Same old stuff it had to be an Arab, I realy thought for a split second that you actualy had some forward thinking writers. I'm so dissapointed, waited all summer for this major let-down.


"Steve: Everything with Grace feels a bit forced. Remember when she into religion for like two days? I understand the show has to include scenes of Alicia as a mother, but it needs to do a better job incorporating her kids into sensible storylines." i couldn't agree more, this was my biggest problem form day one with this show. well Zack isn't half as bad as Grace storyline wise, he is way more believable and organic in the problems that he creates.


1. Favorite scene was pretty much anything with Eli. The guy is hysterical, he's layered, he's unpredictable, he's fun to watch. Love him. Although Cary and Kalinda's little battle and the weird threesome vibes coming off of those two and Kelli Giddish's character was interesting to watch. 2. They should not go public. For starters, Alicia needs to get divorced first. Then it's the boss thing going on. On one hand I hate that secrecy detracts from the potential seriousness of them having a valid relationship, but on the other hand...I like them secret. It makes things more interesting. 3.I'll give the case a B. I like that they took on a multi millenia old feud and showed the despicableness of both sides and the greatness of both sides without offending anyone. Given the resurgence of hate crimes in the media it was fitting. 4. Grace's tutor was just plain odd. I didn't get the purpose of her storyline. It did seem very forced. Plus, by the end of the episode and Grace's newfound admiration for the girl I started getting this weird feeling that after last season of exploring religion, this season Grace may explore sexuality. She's an explorer that girl.

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