The Good Wife Season Premiere Clips: About Last Night...

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You've seen the pics. Now watch the clips!

The Good Wife returns with new episodes (on a new night) on September 25, picking up immediately after a certain event on the May finale. How will Alicia and Will react to the change in their relationship?

The former has bangs, for starters; while, based on one of the sneak peeks below, the latter appears to be going out of his way at work to NOT favor Alicia. See what we mean now:

Asked by Entertainment Tonight about a new side to her character, Julianna Marguiles said this week:

"I think what happened between her and Kalinda is absolutely going to affect how she reacts to many situations. There’s a little bit of venom in her this year that you’ve never seen before. A little bit of spite. She's a little darker."

Meanwhile, set your DVR, fans: CBS will air The Good Wife: A New Beginning, a 30-minute special that recounts the first two seasons, on September 4 at 9:30 p.m.

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this show rocks!!!!


I love the show and and have watched from day one!!! One word of advice...get rid of that 1940's behind the ear hairdo!! it's just stupid looking!!


"....She's a little darker." Well then, The Darker Wife


I DON'T SEE IT THAT WAY, a faithful wife wouldn,t have kiss her boss and return for more or make plans on the cell with the boss about a plan, lying to her kids also to hide the affair she was cooking up.
Peter has done nothing wrong since getting out of jail but to make things right, on the other hand Alicia told him in jail that she still loved him and later said she would try to save the marriage.
If she had any brains she would have told the boss to hit the road and drop the flirting BS, instead she insagated the whole affair to the end with committing adultry making her The Unfaithful Good Wife.


Alicia is NOT an unfaithfull wife (unlike her husband who cheated on her at least 19 times), she has been a good wife, she kicked her husband out before moving on, so he knows exactly where he stands (unlike her when her "devoted" husband cheated on her). That marriage only still exists b/c of a piece of paper they both signed some 16 years ago, on all other levels it's done and gone.


I think that would look like an exceptional moment. Well it helps with the new title of these series The Unfaithful Good Wife
I have watch every episode of season 2 and after the finale it is Peter has Alicia by the short ones, I hope she can live with the outcome it won't be nice.


I can't wait!!!!! It's my favorite show that pulls me away from reality for an hour of relaxation attaches to pure fiction thanks to genius writing! Can't wait so excited!!!

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