The Good Wife to Welcome Eddie Izzard, Remain Hot

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Of all the scenes from The Good Wife season premiere, one likely stands out to most viewers. It involves a wall, Will, Alicia and a demand from the latter for the former to not move.

Can the CBS drama up its sexual ante on next week's "The Death Zone?" You'll have to tune in and find out, but the following promo does feature a request from Will and a response that the pair does have 10 free minutes on their hands.

Elsewhere, Eddie Izzard guest stars as a British attorney. Check out the official promo now:


Eddie Izzard plays a QC, Queens Council, we have nothing like attorneys in the UK and secondly the legal aspect of this show is going to be crap, as unless they have sat the bar in England they can't be represented in an English Court with a Qc.

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