The Mentalist Review: The Real Red John?

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Did anyone actually care about the murder case this week? I know I didn't. "Little Red Book" was all about the shifting relationships of these characters and where they're headed next.

The world is still off its axis for our CBI crew. Jane is allowed back as a consultant, but his team is disbanded and Lisbon is facing termination. Bertram has to blame someone for the Red John debacle and he's putting it all on Teresa's tiny shoulders.

Back to His Old Life

When Patrick visits Teresa at her home, she's handling it well. As usual she's strong and downright stoic. She says she'll be fine. Of course she will, because Jane is determined to save her.

In a secret meeting, Jane implores Cho, Rigsby, and Grace to help with his plan to save Lisbon. The only one to balk is Rigsby. He's always been the weasel of the group. He threw Cho under the bus last season in order to save himself and now he doesn't want to risk his job to help Lisbon. I'm glad he got stuck with the security gig. I used to root for the Rigsby/Grace pairing but now that I think about it, she deserves better.

Speaking of Grace, I'm wondering how bad things will get once she blows off her therapy. There's going to be emotional consequences to killing your traitorous fiance. I'm not sure Grace can handle the fall out on her own.

When Jane hypnotizes his new team member, I have to admit that I felt my eyes closing, too. Who knew that Patrick Jane's powers could be felt through the TV screen? The man is that good. Of course, I was a little tired to begin with.

I'm so happy to see LaRoche back and so disappointed to hear that he's leaving major crimes. That man is an enigma. I've never seen a character who can go from creepy to cuddly teddy bear so quickly. One moment he's looking through Ray as though he can see to his soul... the next he's got Teresa in a heartfelt bear hug. The man is full of surprises and I sincerely hope we'll see more of him this season.

And it's nice to see that it's not only Jane trying to help Lisbon. She asks LaRoche to help get her in to speak with Sally Carter because she wants to give Jane some closure.

The one thing that surprises me is the Lisbon basically congratulates Jane on killing Red John. She's always been so against Jane seeking his own justice. Is she being sarcastic here? Does it not matter so much now that it's done and she can't change it? Or does she just want Jane to move on?

So, is Timothy Carter Red John? Is the psychopath really dead and his last hurrah is to leave enough doubt to drive Patrick Jane insane? Or is his blind lover right, if her lover truly was Red John? Is the man on the slab simply Timothy Carter and Red John still lurks in wait for his next victim?

This is why I love the Red John case. It twists and turns in so many directions I'm never sure which way is up. Simply the idea of Red John being out there should make for another great season of The Mentalist. For a look ahead, meanwhile, check out the official CBS promo for next Thursday's episode!


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I think Red John is: J. J. La Roche; don't know why, just do.


Forensic analysis would help. Perhaps some help from a show that features forensics would help.


RED JOHN is... Luther Wainwright!!!


Red John is the CBI director Gale Bertram.
At the end of the episode "Red Queen" he quotes from William Blake's poem "Tyger" saying it's a poem he liked.. that's the same poem Cop Killer Todd Johnson quoted and a known calling card of Red John. He has enough influence at CBI to do whatever he wants..plant evidence, request for his accomplices to be agents under his command, plus he's the right age, body type, and the correct personality type (A successful man looking to show how much power he has) Red John also must be very comfortable with police tactics, another similarity. I think it's pretty clear it's CBI Director Bertram. Sorry to ruin the show for you all.


It may seem odd that RJ has an organization capable of infiltrating the FBI from top to bottom with minions galore, but that is not at all unbelievable. It would work in this case through Bert Stiles' Visualize, which is a sort-of religious cult of some kind, although Stiles does not appear to be the mastermind at this point, just the public face of him/her/them. Such institutions really can recruit loyal minions who will do anything asked of them, even killing others as well as themselves. These minions can be used to infiltrate a society's institutions quite easily. This element of The Mentalist seems to be a take-off of such instances that have actually occurred in real life.


This is funniest most interesting crime show since Columbo .
It gets better all the time . Patrick makes it acceptable to be weird . keep up the good work .


It seems to me that the writers are dragging this series out because it has been a money maker. So the RJ premise has to stay in and the problem is how to keep viewers from getting tired of Jane constantly obsessed with RJ. As for Jane killing Carter, what is so upsetting about that? From the pilot episode he has been promising to kill RJ. And how? Slowly, by cutting him up and watching him die! So here he shoots Carter, whom he has good reason to think is RJ, thus giving him a quick death. This is fiction so none of this is remotely realistic. It's to be enjoyed. I thought the writers would do better with the start of Season 4 by getting Jane off with self defense due to Carter having a gun. Why? Because the FBI is shot full of RJ minions, so wouldn't the FBI want to free Jane to help them find the source of all this infiltration? They didn't do that. Bad move. It would have moved the plot along a path that started when the Visualize cult showed up. That cult is RJ's project IMO, and it is headed by a mastermind who directs all these minions and creates as many Red Johns as needed to keep Jane guessing. Who is the mastermind? I'm guessing Kristina Frye, great manipulator, egocentric, doesn't like Jane's competition, self-aggrandizing, etc. etc. As for how this all ends up, I notice all the references to Moby Dick, so Jane is Ahab and RJ is the whale and we all know how they ended up. Jane, like Ahab, gets his final dramatic revenge, but goes down with Rj, like the whale, and dies in the end. That's why you don't see any romantic development with Lisbon. She may end up in the "Ishmael" role.


yes 0.1 point in ratings is tragic. check the rating of other shows after 2 seasons. and george, seriously, for sb giving up on this show, you are way too informed and passionate about discussing this show.
but really this argument is dragging, move on.


@farsia2010: Does the viewing audience like the way the show is going? Look at the Nielsen ratings. Last year, the show averaged a 2.9 rating, with 14.53 million viewers in the 18-49 age category. The season premiere was a disappointment with a 2.8 rating and 13.56 million viewers in the same category and the show was second in its time slot. About one million less viewers. Apparently, the season finale didn't spark a lot of interest in the new season. The writers gambled and it did not help the show. The second episode of this season saw less viewers. A 2.6 rating and 12.92 million viewers in the same age category. Will the downward trend continue? We'll just have to wait. I think the writers gambled on the story line and blew. I give the show maybe one more season at best. How many cons can Jane pull? And Red John isn;t a big draw either.


i am super tired of trying to say the same thing in a million different ways, i give up, i don't know how to prove to you that sky is blue, that sun is hot and Jane has feelings. you said that not everybody grieve in the same way, you are right, but not everybody looses their family in the same way and not everybody loves in the same way either. he has the opportunity that most of the people who lost their family to violence would love. btw, a psychopath would not be able to form such emotional ties to his family that their murder would rattle him that deeply.
if you don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there, the actor does a brilliant job of showing all the emotions in his eyes instead of running around screaming or drinking himself into oblivion.
thank you, i will most certainly enjoy the show, though i too wish RJ would be gone already.
as for your frivolous definition of true psychopaths, maybe it is you who needs to visit prisons to meet a couple. some of them are actually intelligent, not all of them are as stupid as u described, not all of them are murders either, why don't you google it and find out some more.
enjoy other shows that you want to watch more than mentalist, which ever they are.

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