The Mentalist Review: Psychotic Soulmates

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The Mentalist is back for season four and "Scarlett Ribbons" starts off with Jane in prison, Lisbon nursing a gunshot wound and Grace with really great hair.

Poor Patrick. The police find no gun or cell phone on Red John. Is he losing his mind? Even he has to wonder, as his colleagues are definitely questioning his mental status. To their credit, they don't give up on him. Of course, there's a bit of self-preservation in that. Bertram is looking to hang the entire team out to dry. If Jane was justified in shooting this man, proving it may save them all.

A Visit from Lisbon

I'm surprised Lisbon seems so undisturbed that Patrick shot and killed a man, even if it is Red John. She's always seemed so set on convincing him to bring the serial killer to justice, not exact his own. Perhaps it's that there's nothing she can do about it now or maybe it's that she's determined to save her friend from a life in a prison cell, but I somehow expected more of a judgmental attitude from her.

And only Patrick Jane can find a high stakes poker game in prison on a whim. Although I have to wonder why he needed it. If he has a home in Malibu and a couple of million dollars worth of specialty cars, can't he come up with the bail on his own? My only explanation is that this was more expedient and simply more fun.

As for the rest of the team, Grace keeps telling everyone she's fine. She's obviously not. As Cho says, "Two days ago you shot and killed your fiance. You can't be fine."  She's hanging on by a thread and old flame Rigsby doesn't seem to know how to help her or he may be scared to get too close. Hard to tell if this will bring these two back together or drive them further apart. Either way, I expected more from him.

On a side note, Lisbon now drives a Volt which I find refreshing given that every other character on TV is driving a Prius. It's nice to see some diversity in green transportation. I just hope she wasn't taking too many of those amazing pain killers while she was driving.

Timothy Carter's wife is just creepy from moment one. Who lets their husband's murderer stay for tea?  But the woman being held captive in the basement was still a complete surprise.

I think the jury finding Jane not guilty is highly plausible. Given Jane's story and the fact that Carter had kidnapped and held a woman captive in his basement, I'd probably let him go, too.

This whole ordeal appears to have brought Jane and Lisbon closer together and that's always a plus. I love that the Red John story can still continue. I've seen some shows start to lose their way as they hit season four. I'm happy to say that so far, The Mentalist seems to be as entertaining as ever.

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I think Grace's hair is atrocious, and would love to take a pair of scissors to it!! Get a freaking haircut, please!


I have loved this show from the beginning. It has made me more critical of other police dramas, always looking for the subtle clue. But this garbage of dangling this Red John carrot in front of my face has really irked me. Are the writers really this desperate for ideas that we have to have this one character that can't be stopped, who is a ruthless killer, and seems to have an entire army of minions willing to die for him?! This is a ridiculous insult. When the season ended with PJ finally taking care of RJ, I felt like we could finally move on with a fresh storyline, but now we are back to more of the same. This is very simiilar to 8 years of waiting for Ted to finally "meet your mother". When it happens, yawn, no one will still be interested.


After reading all of these wonderful, thought out comments,
there isn't much left for me to add. I'm still steaming about
the season opener. I, like many of you, feel used.


But what about the episode where the secretary kills just about everybody in CBI and then is killed while in custody by Red John? Wouldn't surveillance tape show who it was? It was interesting that no one remaining in CBI investigated this murder and the matter was just dropped after she was killed. Wouldn't that also rule out Jane being Red John? Since everybody seems to be in a dream-like state about Red John recently and in that episode, how about this for a series ending? Jane waits up bed with Lisbon (his wife) having dreamed the whole thing. He really owns a B&B in Vermont!Also, parallels to Life on Mars. I do not think the writers have decided what to do yet. More focus groups are needed for them to decide. And they may change writers anyway, which also affects storyline. It's too soon to tell anything. But if the writers are checking in, please get rid of Red John.Jane is more fun without him.


My husband and I had one comment after this plot-hole-filled mess last night: Jumped the Shark The RJ arc is the least interesting part of this show. The best part is when Patrick is a delightful, friendly, crime solving mentalist. Just don't like this dark storyline because it's boring and predictable in the sense that it will Always Be The Last Person You Suspect. Of COURSE RJ is going to turn out to be PJ. What could be more "shocking?" by that point I will have stopped watching though.


I gave up on the show after this episode. The long drawn out RJ arc and all the cop outs taken with this opener make it easy to just forget it exists.


I am interested in your PJ being RJ theory...Kind of like the Prisoner series where Number 1 turned out to be Number 6..My theory that I still believe in , is that Kristina Frye is Red John...The main motive would be that she is furious at Patrick for always making a mockery of psychics and the profession itself and maybe also for being weirdly attracted or in love with him. I never bought into the kidnapping of Kristina by RJ and remember when we heard RJ talk he sounded feminine....Mark my words she will be back


Con, I know it can happen, but it just seems ,,stupid" that its happening right now. Its TV, I know, but thats just too easy. Hm it just feels like Jane is changing and I dont like it. Yeah he must have been evil - thats true, didnt think about that ;) But it seems easy again. I mean he killed someone, evil or not. And it just looks like no one really cares. Thats just i dont know - wrong. Jane should start thinking about that, people who kill someone,cause that person was evil - we all understand that, but in the end he wasnt better ( ok he ,,just" shot him and didnt do all the really bad stuff - still) I just hope we see some talking about that in the next episode! If he doesnt care about shooting someone - he changed big time


Jane did say he felt guilty.


In an off-season interview linked to from some TV-fanatic article, Simon Baker talked about how really neat and original he and the producer-show creator thought it was that the lead of their show would be a murderer! That's Hollywood, I guess. I don't know what to make of it. I don't think it's necessary because I much prefer the Patrick Jane who ducks behind Lisbon when the bullets fly. But, anyhow, I kind of think how this has been resolved is just proof that Baker and Heller think having a murderer for a star is great. But you know, not only did that Casey girl get off, and OJ, and no one will ever be charged for killing Jon Bonet Ramsey, but Lizzie Borden got off over a hundred years ago (and that was after she kept changing her testimony in the preliminary hearing which was thrown out because they didn't tell her she was a suspect and in spite of her being caught by several witnesses ripping up and burning in the stove a dress that was all brown smudged and stained that she said was paint). I mean, I didn't have a problem with him being found innocent. I also think they skimmed over the trial and that he likely explained about the gun and phone and how it disappeared and someone killed the security guard, giving the jury a narration they could accept. By mystery books I've read, it's a common trial lawyer strategy to show how likely a different script of the crime is compared to however the prosecution said it took place (one of the jurors in the Casey girl whatever-her-name-is trial said that the prosecution had only proven that the little girl was dead, but had failed to prove that the little girl had died by foul play so that juror couldn't convict the mother of murder when there wasn't any proof that any murder had been committed).

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I'm happy to stay in jail for now. It'll give me a little time to think about things.