The Mentalist Review: Psychotic Soulmates

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The Mentalist is back for season four and "Scarlett Ribbons" starts off with Jane in prison, Lisbon nursing a gunshot wound and Grace with really great hair.

Poor Patrick. The police find no gun or cell phone on Red John. Is he losing his mind? Even he has to wonder, as his colleagues are definitely questioning his mental status. To their credit, they don't give up on him. Of course, there's a bit of self-preservation in that. Bertram is looking to hang the entire team out to dry. If Jane was justified in shooting this man, proving it may save them all.

A Visit from Lisbon

I'm surprised Lisbon seems so undisturbed that Patrick shot and killed a man, even if it is Red John. She's always seemed so set on convincing him to bring the serial killer to justice, not exact his own. Perhaps it's that there's nothing she can do about it now or maybe it's that she's determined to save her friend from a life in a prison cell, but I somehow expected more of a judgmental attitude from her.

And only Patrick Jane can find a high stakes poker game in prison on a whim. Although I have to wonder why he needed it. If he has a home in Malibu and a couple of million dollars worth of specialty cars, can't he come up with the bail on his own? My only explanation is that this was more expedient and simply more fun.

As for the rest of the team, Grace keeps telling everyone she's fine. She's obviously not. As Cho says, "Two days ago you shot and killed your fiance. You can't be fine."  She's hanging on by a thread and old flame Rigsby doesn't seem to know how to help her or he may be scared to get too close. Hard to tell if this will bring these two back together or drive them further apart. Either way, I expected more from him.

On a side note, Lisbon now drives a Volt which I find refreshing given that every other character on TV is driving a Prius. It's nice to see some diversity in green transportation. I just hope she wasn't taking too many of those amazing pain killers while she was driving.

Timothy Carter's wife is just creepy from moment one. Who lets their husband's murderer stay for tea?  But the woman being held captive in the basement was still a complete surprise.

I think the jury finding Jane not guilty is highly plausible. Given Jane's story and the fact that Carter had kidnapped and held a woman captive in his basement, I'd probably let him go, too.

This whole ordeal appears to have brought Jane and Lisbon closer together and that's always a plus. I love that the Red John story can still continue. I've seen some shows start to lose their way as they hit season four. I'm happy to say that so far, The Mentalist seems to be as entertaining as ever.

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I hope the Red John story line goes on FOREVER. I happen to think this is what makes the mentalist a great show. I was however very disappointed in the writing. They have turned Jane into Red John. Killing with no remorse. The writers have made Jane arrogant, vengeful, spiteful, and self centered. He has no concern for any of his team or the people he comes in contact with. And then there is the matter of the jury saying he is NOT GUILTY!!!! What is this the Casey Anthony Trial??? He flat out stated under oath he killed the man so how do you get a not guilty verdict???? The only way this writing would ever make sense to me is if Jane IS Red John and the writers are showing us how his personality is changing a little at a time. Then I could accept the changes in him. But until or if that happens, the writers need to give the fans a little more than they are now.


Wow, reading the reviews it seems like this is the episode that most disappointed the fans!
I thought the scene with the widow and the kidnapped girl who was pretty intense, but other than that, the episode was quite frustrating, specially the scenes with Jane in prison (he won US$1 million in one single day?).
Also, I agree with a lot of you who think Lisbon must have been taking some really good painkillers to act so calm, cool and... transparent regarding her passion towards Jane. I mean, come on, they flirt sometimes, and it's fun to watch, but where's the real sweet but cut and dry Lisbon? That was so strange and so out of character!
HELLER, don't be afraid to show a really dark Jane (Not just arrogant and smart). We support you one hundred percent, and also, with that amazing hair and megawatt smile, nobody will ever judge Simon Baker's character too harshly...


Where is Agent Hightower in all of this. Is she going to be back on the show?


First of all, yes, a "real" jury might have let him go. It's called "jury nullification." It happens. I would have voted "not guilty" in a heartbeat. The man and his wife were sociopaths. They had a whole kidnapping chamber in their house. Red John or not, the dude was evil. Good riddance. Secondly, I am disappointed that the Red John story continues. The whole story line is out of control. If you think about all the pieces, it makes no sense. And Red John is too omnipotent to really be any one person. He started (in the pilot) as a simple (very clever, but straightforward) serial killer...and somehow ended up as the leader of an impossibly large and all powerful crime ring...cult? I think the story got lost in itself. Lastly, if Red John is still out there, here are some people to consider:
The head of the department (can't remember his name) who quoted Blake in a past episode.
Grace (something also seems "off" about her. And she has red hair)
The creepy crime tech guy
Jane...goodness, I hope not.
Somebody from that cult/church/organization they investigate sometimes


As entertaining as this episode was, the final line where Jane decides that RJ is still alive ruined it for me. The show could pursue another storyline, with more of Jane's witty comments and actions. Also Lisbon can jump in her Volt and start it without a key and without changing gears, with the use of only one arm


I´m a little disappointed that the red john stories continues.....well, i guess all that is left is that red john is actually jane hhahah


There are several items that still have to be considered. This guy, Tim, was somehow related to Red John, and I would not be surprised that some members in the Jury were related to him too. It looks like almost anyone can be related to this folk, which makes the series a huge plot against Jane. It's hard to tell if Jane new from the very beginning that Tim was not Red John, and he just killed him for a different reason, I hope they clear this up in the future.
Jane himself knows a lot more than he tells, and this adds up to the mystery, as he does not trust anyone. Let's keep watching :-)


the couple of million dollars worth of specialty cars are's just a ruse to get in the game...the woman held captive in the basement wasn't a surprise...When the wife said Timothy Carter led the community to find her (not her exact words) you can tell that Timothy Carter was the one who kidnapped her. But that was some speedy trial for Jane, Lisbon hasn't healed yet and he was already acquitted...


We all know who Red John is. The CSI guy that appeared mid season last year.


What a Cop out. Just shows the show can't survive without the Red John storyline. I thought last season ended perfectly. But as if the producers didn't have enough faith in their show to move past Red John, they kept the storline alive. Meh. And Jane being found not guilty. What?

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I'm happy to stay in jail for now. It'll give me a little time to think about things.