The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 78

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The couple of Forwood provided the fodder for this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, while you, dear readers, provided the laughter.

As always, we appreciate every last entry, but the winner of Caption Contest #78 is... VDluv! Check out this user's submission below, as he/she went all CW on us and reference The Secret Circle. Great stuff.

Thanks to all who participated and remember to play every Friday!!!

Setting Up to Party

Tyler: So you really think that Thomas Dekker is hotter than me? I saw the way you look at him Caroline..

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Caroline: 'What?'
Tyler: 'You just told my date to go home'
Caroline: 'Oh that, come on, you are not getting anything from here.'
Tyler: 'Well she was into it'
*Caroline throws cups on the ground*
Tyler: 'What the eff Caroline?!'
Caroline: 'I get it, you're horny, so what.. You shouldn't just take the first girl you lay your eyes on'
Tyler: 'Then what do you want from me?'
Caroline: 'Oh come on, like you haven't thought about me for a sec..'
Tyler: 'All the time, but you made it clear you didn't want me'
*Caroline starts kissing Tyler*
Caroline: 'It's just to hard to resist!'
Tyler: 'Let's get outta here'
Caroline: 'Take me now'
Tyler: 'Works for me'


Tyler: ..and then we make a bunch of babies and create an entire new race of hybrids!
Caroline: Very origianal plan!


I love them together! :) sorry no caption just wanted to say how much I love this couple!

David and sabrina 2014

Tyler: I fucked you and I liked it
Caroline: Whatever Tyler. I appreciate it if you just stop eye-fucking with me and go jump in a lake you stupid jackass
Tyler: Wow! you're more sexy when you're mad. I love it
Caroline: Screw you and get the hell off many face.


Tyler: Shag now, or shag later?


Tyler: ...And my Mother thinks we're dating, which is wierd, right? I mean, even though we spend All of our time together and even seem to have countless eye sex, you think she would know better. It must be a vampire hunter thing...
Caroline: Anything else you want to add that will make things even more sexually frustrating?
Tyler: Yeah, those red cups make me horny.


Tyler: So you really think that Thomas Dekker is hotter than me? I saw the way you look at him Caroline..


Caroline: So.. What are you saying? You don't want a party anymore?
Tylor: No, it's not that, it's just.. you know..
Caroline: No, I don't know Tyler!
Tyler: I just feel so, you know..
Caroline: WHAT?!
Tyler: Well, I don't want red plastic cups..
Caroline: Oh.


May wearwolf road and vampire boulevard meet again!


Caroline: omg its to soon, i think im prego! tyler: how twihard of you...