The Vampire Diaries Clip: Is Stefan Really Gone?

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Stefan is gone. And I don't mean geographically.

So Damon says to Elena in the following sneak peek, which is taken from Thursday's new episode of The Vampire Diaries. But is he right about his blood-thirsty brother? Stefan did kill Andie on the season three premiere, after all, a fact Elena is now aware of.

What is Elena's counter argument? Check out the clip now and be sure to tune in Thursday night for more. Like we needed to tell you that...

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Stefan is not gone as he wanna make everybody thinks he still cares (especially for Damon) he is gonna come around i'm pretty sure about that ... Stefan or Damon for Elena although i'm a Delena's fan it doesn't matter it will make sence either way !


Damon promises Stefan a life time of misery he hated his brother ( because of katherine obviously ) but then when he finaly realises that katherine is the evil slut vampire who only loved herself, he started to change i mean we can see dat damon does alot of things dat he doesnt have to do and he knows it lets not 4get he is the impulsive one! Damon now do love his brother in his own way i guess damon hates showing his humanity he is NOT STEFAN ( how about everybody stop wanna turn him into )!! However Damon is my favourate character he does bad thigs sometimes, he's not nice he's mean and i like it


@Bill,God u'r awsome,i luv u,wish i had a doller to give u.U made a very good point,delena fans just wanna c damon and elena 2gether nt considering abt stefan.


I think what some fans are starting to lose sight of is why Stefan is in the situation he is now. He gave up everythig to save his brother's life. He basically became Klaus' slave so that his brother wouldn't die. So why so many want him to suffer even more by seeing the love of his life, Elena, jump into bed with Damon is beyond me. If that did happen, it would be the ultimate betrayl and I hope the writers would at least show them as miserable with guilt. If that is where this show is going (a Damon/Elena hook-up, I'll stop watching it.


IMO I see that no one will be with Elena,
I think that a true passionate and real kiss can or will happen, exchange of feelings may between her and Damon. Its kinda of obvious that something have to happen between them, but I can't see a happy ending to this story.
Elena will be so messed up in her feelings, she won't choose fearing to hurt one of them.
Or may be brother will end up dead, and sorrow and guilt will draw Elena and whether Stefan or Damon apart.
And Finally she'll probably go and have a life on her own. btw Im Stelena fan


stefan is not gone, he is keeping klaus under thumb, puleese ! the boy loves elena so much it is'nt funny, and as far as damon and elena hooking up , ha ! no way !


people stop confusing damon to a bad ass vampire like eric from true blood! if u think about it,he is more like marcus from underworld,CRAZY...


@mooney: It would be rather wise if you refrain from saying such ridiculous statements about Damon Salvatore...he's no 'ass', he's the antihero of the show and also the main reason the show is a hit, so I advise you to keep that in mind. We justify his pseudo-wrong actions as there is always a justification to be voiced...he killed Lexi because he had to protect Stefan and himself from the town's arising suspicions. He ripped Bonnie's neck when she destroyed the necklace as he was overcome with his hopelessness and grief; he was crazed with his obsessive love for Katherine after all. The reason he snapped Jeremy's neck must have been very apparent, as rejection is definitely not something he is used to...and losing both the women he loves to his own brother? It's enough to drive a human being into mental syndromes, let alone a vampire. He didn't kill Mason because he was sleeping with Katherine, he killed him because he saw a part of himself within the werewolf. He was consumed with self-loathing, and being impulsive, he did what his emotions urged him to do. Yes, Damon makes many 'mistakes', but nobody is flawless. Towards the end of the season, we see the transformation in him and how he finally puts his past ghosts to rest, with a little aid from Elena. Damon Salvatore is a phenomenal character, beautifully etched and carved. Ian Somerhalder plays the role with laudable efficiency and skill, which is why he is SPECIAL and made so appealing to the fans. Everyone should understand that and acknowledge this fact.


damon is a ass! why do u guys want to justify want he does?do u remember what he did to lexie,bonnie,jer and lets not forget mason.he didn't really have to kill him that way but just because mason was sleeping with kat the fool became ticked off.and this is the fool you want elena to be with.Before i forget,why is it so bloody easy for people to forgive that ass but not stefan? @ least it the human blood that makes stefan like that,what damon excuse?oh i forgot,katherine and elena don't love him enough


i know what both of 'em did was totally wrong. i'm not trying to defend Stefan at this point. i just wanna say that Stefan did sacrifice himeself to protect Damon from being killed by Tyler's wolfbite. he was scared to be a devil again. he tried so much to forget and move on! and now, thanks to that idiot Damon, he's become this ripper vampire! what else do u want from him? he had to leave everything he'd loved, Elena, his home, his family...i know deep inside, Stefan was in anguish when he killed Andie!! and he hoped Elena shouldn't forgive him for what he did!! be aloof guys!! don't let ur emotions overwhelm u!

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Elena: Damon!
Damon: I'm not gonna hurt him, Elena. I'm the good guy now, remember?
Elena: What does that mean?
Damon: I'm gonna have a civil conversation with your father.

You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.