The Vampire Diaries Promo Pics: Bloody Awesome!

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We interrupt our recent run of Vampire Diaries spoilers, interviews and teasers regarding season three to bring you a new round of promotional photos that guarantee you'll never look at produce in the same way again.

In images first published by TV Line, cast members Nina Dobrev, Joseph Morgan, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder are awash in blood that is pouring forth from a piece of fruit. We're guessing the food deserved to die.

The only text included in the ads? V3. Click trough the gruesomely gorgeous shots now and prepare for the season three premiere - which airs a week from today!!!

Nina Dobrev Promo Picture
Joseph Morgan Promo Pic
Paul Wesley Promotional Photo
Ian Somerhalder Promotional Shot

luv the shots


@stelena lover,oh don't worry,elena is ours and only ours,i knw stelena fans r outnumbered but we'r going to outmanourver delena,damon and elena may be together in S3 but at the end it will be stefan and elena,Coz i don't expect elena 2 4get the man that saved her life or i would rather say always saving her life,the man that can give up his life for her and her loved ones,the man that so much luved and care for her and her frnds,the man that doesn't care if he died just to protect her,the man dat's Gud,kind,noble,hero,romantic 2 u,think about it elena,what about damon,he has done so many tins to hurt u and ur luvd 1(john,jeremy,bonnie,caroline,alaric,turned isabel,vicky)nd even though u 4give him and he played a gr8t role in keeping u safe,i don't expect u 2 4get all d bad tins he has done,and i knw for fact no matter how much she's going 2 luv damon it wil nt be as strong as stefan's.


I really wish they'd include Bonnie in some kind of promo. Bonnie is absolutely gorgeous. She also plays a very important role on the show. Apart from the main trio, Bonnie is next in line.


wowwwww..... the shots r awsum.....i suppose the fruits describes a power or sumthin bt watever it luks scarely gorgeous.....


oh goodness i guess from the hears am receiving i should stop having hope for stelena and just be happy for delena

Gaby ee

These guys look amazing! The shots look great and it sure looks like season 3 will be the darkest to date.

David and sabrina 2014

These pictures make the show want to go even more insane from the bloody apple. From watching these clips is sure going to bring an insane startup of season 3 and I can't wait for it's arrival next week. This show is definitely whetting my appetite. =) XD =P =D. =O


LOL @ Joseph holding a pear! x pmsl!! :D xxx


these pics aren't the greatest but paul wesley's is the best and nina is a close second


it's pomagrant

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Vampire Diaries Quotes

You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.


Damon: You know what they are? Children. Like lighting a candle's going to make everything OK, or even saying a prayer. Or pretending Elena's not going to end up just like the rest of us murdering vampires. Stupid, delusional, exasperating little children. And I know what you're going to say: 'It makes them feel better, Damon.' So what? For how long? A minute, a day? What difference does it make? Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be. And a rock with a birthday carved into it that I'm pretty sure is wrong. So thanks, friend. Thanks for leaving me here to babysit. Because I should be long gone by now. I didn't get the girl, remember? I'm just stuck here fighting my brother and taking care of the kids. You owe me big.
Alaric: I miss you too, buddy.