The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Birthday"

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Welcome to The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

We posted our official Season 3 premiere review last night. Now three TV Fanatic staff members - Dan Forcella, Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger - have gathered to discuss "The Birthday" in a Round Table format.

As always, reader feedback is encouraged on the following questions and answers...


What was your favorite quote from last night?

Dan: Definitely "It's your party, you can cry if you want to" because it was classic Damon charm with a stone cold demeanor. 

Steve: The Season One-evoking "Hello, brother," with the Salvatores now in completely unfamiliar, opposite roles. Awesine.

Eric: Pretty much most of Alaric and Damon's mocking of being at a high school party. It's so easy to forget these are high school kids until Damon mutters something witty about beer pong.


Will Stefan the Ripper ever return to the Stefan of old?

Dan: Of course. That phone call to end the episode said it all. Stefan's still in there. He will make his return. I don't know how. I don't know when, but the Ripper (still love calling him that) will cease to exist, and our favorite do-gooder vampire will return.

Steve: Eventually, he has to, but I have a feeling the Ripper is here for a very long haul. Stefan would have to free himself from Klaus first, and the O.G. vamp ain't goin' out like some punk.

Eric: Duh. Like Dan, saw Stefan's facial expressions during the phone call. And much like Klaus, I just believe Stefan is putting on a show and that good guy can't hide that deep.

Will Delena ever be Delena in the romantic sense?

Dan: I really want to say yes. After all, the chemistry is obviously there in spades and Damon at one point was a good person, so since Stefan is now becoming this crazy Ripper, why should Elena not have reservations about him as well? But if there is ever any actual romance between the two, it will be short-lived. Elena will be with Stefan once he returns to his old ways, and that's just a darned shame.   

Steve: It sure looked like they took a step back last night, but clearly there's still palpable tension of that nature. The question is whether some turning point or event will cause them both to embrace those urges fully and simultaneously. Given her obvious feelings for Stefan, I'm skeptical that it'll happen.

Eric: You can ask me in as many round tables as you want, but I will never give in. And besides, they had their chance this week when Elena asked Damon to put her necklace on her. Who does that??

How much do you love Forwood?

Dan: I love For-anyone. Since I just finished catching up on TVD yesterday (watching all 44 episodes in a span of a couple weeks), I need to take this time to reveal my love for everything Caroline Forbes. Since day one, when she was just a bratty, neurotic, selfish non-vampire, I have been hook, line, and sinker for the blonde beauty. I loved her with Matt, I love her with Tyler, and I'd probably love her with anyone.  

Steve: Um, what Dan said? What I guarantee Eric is going to say? I really don't have much to add other than that 1. Caroline and Tyler stole every scene last night, even before they hooked up, and 2. This Round Table panel is apparently, collectively in love with Candice Accola.

Eric: OMFG. Did you see that hot sex scene!!? Did you hear their witty banter? I love Forwood enough to get over my jealousy of Tyler for stealing my crush.

Besides making him blurt out names awkwardly, what do Jeremy's visions want?

Dan: This is a tough one. I think they want him to say "I see dead people" at least once before they attempt to do anything else. Maybe they want revenge on those that killed them. Johnny Gilbert and Stefan better watch their backs. Jeremy and his fresh haircut might be after them soon.

Steve: Jeremy was brought back to life against what we were told was the natural order administered by the witches. Perhaps now he and he alone can help them the same? Not that I know how that would work. Maybe he will do some Internet research on it next week. This is TV to Bing about, I'm told.

Eric: Avenging their death seems to easy and obvious. I mean, that's Ghost 101. Maybe they just watched True Blood's awful last season and need help finding a medium to hop into.

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Favorite quote: "I love you. Hold on to that."
It's the most touching scene in the whole episode. It brought me to tears. Despite all the Delena hints/wishes, the writers managed to still make Stelena shine through. In fact, I haven't loved a Stelena interaction as much as I loved the phone call since the climb where Stefan forced Elena to admit she did not want to be a vampire last season. Those Stelena moments make me remember why I love the series to begin with. Stefan vs. the Ripper
The Ripper is so intense... ly fake. Well, not really. He's doing a pretty good job at being heartless and maintaining the same facial expression. Which is good, I suppose because Klaus can't really confirm anything when Stefan/Ripper is showing his poker face while doing everything Klaus ordered.
But that telephone scene!!!!!! Most touching moment. Stefan is there. He just needs to let the Ripper out bit by bit to find a way to come back to Elena. Delena?
Of course it's hot! And my inner fan-girl would love for the main girl to fall for the darker, more troubled, sarcastic, smoldering brother. But again, Elena still loves Stefan. Her moving on so quickly to Damon would basically be littering on all the Stelena foundation that the writers have worked on for the past 2 seasons. There probably will be a turning point towards the end of this season for Delena, but it has to be very gradual, otherwise it'll be inconsistent with the story line. And I'll see it as a cheap move. Forwood?
Haven't seen a scene that hot on CW since GG season 1, hookup between Nate and Blair. Nuff' said. Jeremy?
The storyline with Jeremy is the most lackluster so far. He's seeing ghosts. Clearly it's a form of punishment for defying the laws of natural beings. But really, back to weed and stuttering his ex's names every 5 seconds? I know this is a build up, but I feel like he could've been given a better script. Or we could be given a little bit more spoiler on the ghost thing. All in all, super solid episode!


will damon and elena ever be a couple? i think that because the fan favorite couple seems to be delena i think they are going to make it happen, and i believe it to be end game. but i honestly dont know how they would do it, because they make it seem that elena would never exist without stefan... well i have news for the writers, they would piss a lot of people off it they didnt put delena together. THEY WERE ENDGAME IN THE BOOKS!


Favorite quote: "You don't want this-you want the cheap stuff over by the cheap, young people." And "I'm from Florida" was excellent as well as Alaric's shame at being the worst chaperone ever, can't remember that quote exactly.
Will there be a Delena?: Is this a serious question? Yes it will happen. I love Stefan too but Damon has got his foot in the door with this Ripper business.
Forwood: It felt forced. I want someone else for Caroline.
Jeremy's visions: Could go anywhere and I hope it's away from Vicky and Anna.
And just a note, can someone wax Elena's eyebrows, too heavy and that smokey eyeshadow all the time, not her best look. I would like to see her with Caroline's eye makeup, clean and defined. She should be stunning shouldn't she? Caroline is out-pacing her.

Strawberry fields

What was your favorite quote from last night?
I have to say it's a tie between Caroline's "Hey, you missed the cake" to Damon and the exchange between the girl and Klaus in the opening scene:
- I'm from Florida.
- Well, that explains it.
(Damon - I love you with all my heart, but damn! Klaus is awesome.) Will Stefan the Ripper ever return to the Stefan of old?
Of course, but I find the Ripper much more interesting. Will Delena ever be Delena in the romantic sense?
As much as I love them together, real romantic relationship might ruin everything. How much do you love Forwood?
O M G! They just made my day :) Besides making him blurt out names awkwardly, what do Jeremy's visions want?
I have no idea, but I hope they won't blow that story line.


Other then Forwood and Delena the couples suck. Secret Circle blows so far. If delena isn't endgame or I'm getting the feeling its n elaborate tease, I'm done with this show though. Stelena is FF material


Hello Brother! :D


Hello Brother...
This scene mirrors the scene from season 1, when we 1st saw the brothers together the 1st time. Now role reversed.


wen did elena actually fall in love with damon or wen did she started having feelings for him,i just wanna knw hw nd wen.


What was your favorite quote from last night?
"Hello brother..." that was my fave but there were a few good ones
Will Stefan the Ripper ever return to the Stefan of old?
Yes, we will see old Stefan, got a glimpse at the end of the episode. But Ripper Stefan is so dark and delicious, I hope they play this out for while.
Will Delena ever be Delena in the romantic sense?
Not anytime soon, the chemistry is obvious, but it will take time and Elena would never to that to Stefan unless something in the storyline makes her think its over with Stefan.(and when it finally Delena finally happens, it better be HOT!) But, it won't last, in the end it will always be Stefan.
How much do you love Forwood?
OMG, every second these two were together was HOT!!! Forwood stole the show! Their chemistry right now, way hotter than Damon/Elena. I agree, these two have grown so much. Stellar!!!
Besides making him blurt out names awkwardly, what do Jeremy's visions want?
I have no clue...but I hope we get a shirtless scene for Jeremy soon!


What was your favorite quote from last night?
it's a tie between damon & caroline. damon's delivery of "it's your party, you can cry if you want to." was perfect. classic damon. i also loved caroline telling tylar "just because i tell you something doesn't mean your suppose to know." that was classic caroline. Will Stefan the Ripper ever return to the Stefan of old?
yes, stefan will return to his good self but i think it will take at least most of the season to get him back. Will Delena ever be Delena in the romantic sense?
as a delena shipper i hope so. though i think it will be a long road to them being together if it happens. elena won't make kathrine's mistakes & lead both on, she also wouldn't abandon stefan. if elena & damon were to happen it won't happen for at least another season or two. How much do you love Forwood?
i love them together...not just because i find the name amusing. i like there friendship last year & i think i will love them together as a couple. my only issues is a compassion with them in a spoiler that i heard not to long ago. *spoiler* the comparison was between them & romeo & julette. we all know how tragic that turned to be & how the writers of tvd has no qualms about killing main or semi main characters off. Besides making him blurt out names awkwardly, what do Jeremy's visions want?
that is difficult to answer given we have only seen them twice & they don't seem very chatty. i don't know what they want. if anyone will utter the words (or paraphrase) "i (so your) see dead people", mark my words it will be damon.

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It's your party. You can cry if you want to.


Hello, brother.