The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Birthday"

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Welcome to The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

We posted our official Season 3 premiere review last night. Now three TV Fanatic staff members - Dan Forcella, Steve Marsi and Eric Hochberger - have gathered to discuss "The Birthday" in a Round Table format.

As always, reader feedback is encouraged on the following questions and answers...


What was your favorite quote from last night?

Dan: Definitely "It's your party, you can cry if you want to" because it was classic Damon charm with a stone cold demeanor. 

Steve: The Season One-evoking "Hello, brother," with the Salvatores now in completely unfamiliar, opposite roles. Awesine.

Eric: Pretty much most of Alaric and Damon's mocking of being at a high school party. It's so easy to forget these are high school kids until Damon mutters something witty about beer pong.


Will Stefan the Ripper ever return to the Stefan of old?

Dan: Of course. That phone call to end the episode said it all. Stefan's still in there. He will make his return. I don't know how. I don't know when, but the Ripper (still love calling him that) will cease to exist, and our favorite do-gooder vampire will return.

Steve: Eventually, he has to, but I have a feeling the Ripper is here for a very long haul. Stefan would have to free himself from Klaus first, and the O.G. vamp ain't goin' out like some punk.

Eric: Duh. Like Dan, saw Stefan's facial expressions during the phone call. And much like Klaus, I just believe Stefan is putting on a show and that good guy can't hide that deep.

Will Delena ever be Delena in the romantic sense?

Dan: I really want to say yes. After all, the chemistry is obviously there in spades and Damon at one point was a good person, so since Stefan is now becoming this crazy Ripper, why should Elena not have reservations about him as well? But if there is ever any actual romance between the two, it will be short-lived. Elena will be with Stefan once he returns to his old ways, and that's just a darned shame.   

Steve: It sure looked like they took a step back last night, but clearly there's still palpable tension of that nature. The question is whether some turning point or event will cause them both to embrace those urges fully and simultaneously. Given her obvious feelings for Stefan, I'm skeptical that it'll happen.

Eric: You can ask me in as many round tables as you want, but I will never give in. And besides, they had their chance this week when Elena asked Damon to put her necklace on her. Who does that??

How much do you love Forwood?

Dan: I love For-anyone. Since I just finished catching up on TVD yesterday (watching all 44 episodes in a span of a couple weeks), I need to take this time to reveal my love for everything Caroline Forbes. Since day one, when she was just a bratty, neurotic, selfish non-vampire, I have been hook, line, and sinker for the blonde beauty. I loved her with Matt, I love her with Tyler, and I'd probably love her with anyone.  

Steve: Um, what Dan said? What I guarantee Eric is going to say? I really don't have much to add other than that 1. Caroline and Tyler stole every scene last night, even before they hooked up, and 2. This Round Table panel is apparently, collectively in love with Candice Accola.

Eric: OMFG. Did you see that hot sex scene!!? Did you hear their witty banter? I love Forwood enough to get over my jealousy of Tyler for stealing my crush.

Besides making him blurt out names awkwardly, what do Jeremy's visions want?

Dan: This is a tough one. I think they want him to say "I see dead people" at least once before they attempt to do anything else. Maybe they want revenge on those that killed them. Johnny Gilbert and Stefan better watch their backs. Jeremy and his fresh haircut might be after them soon.

Steve: Jeremy was brought back to life against what we were told was the natural order administered by the witches. Perhaps now he and he alone can help them the same? Not that I know how that would work. Maybe he will do some Internet research on it next week. This is TV to Bing about, I'm told.

Eric: Avenging their death seems to easy and obvious. I mean, that's Ghost 101. Maybe they just watched True Blood's awful last season and need help finding a medium to hop into.

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When I watch television, I want to feel something (sadness, happiness, humour, love, platonic/romantic/sexual chemistry) through the acting/writing/plot. TVD does all of these for me. Stefan will return to his old self. Probably a brief Delena. Words cannot describe the awesomeness of Forwood . I see dead people! better make it in :).


I would LOVE to see Stefan and Caroline together. I know it sounds really crazy to some people, but I miss those friendship moments they had season two and think they'd be an ADORABLE couple. Plus, think about it. It is possible that with the crazy state Stefan is in, if he ran into Caroline or came crawling back to Mystic Falls and she was the one who saved/helped him, he may hook up with her without thinking. Idk, I just LOVE those two.

Uncle jackass

I agree with some sentiments this was the most best nor worst written TVD episode. I think with spoilers and high expectations it was only bound to be worst than I expected. In hindsight, I don't think there is any show I would rather watch, considering the rubbish of most reality tv.


Here's my take:
1. Good episode but a bit disappointing based on past season premieres. Yes, there were some shockers but nothing astronomical like we've seen in the past. Recall Caroline turning into a vamp S02 E01? I will say this….most gruesome episode yet. The darts….the desmembered heads. Ick!
2. Consider this a set-up episode paving the way for some played out story lines. Can't wait for what's in store.
3. "Forwood" is electric. Best onscreen chemistry for some time. Sorry Delena fans. Forget fresh underwear, let's all remember to sit on a bucket.
4. Best line? Stefan: "Hello Brother" Says it all. Great nod to the pilot. Oh how times have changed. Lest I forget, a nod to our Klaus for pulling off an American accent that wasn't half bad.
5. Poor Andie. Just when I was starting to like her. Was I the only one who thought that she was going to turn for a split second?
6. I just love Alaric but really….was he just waiting on Elena's 18th birthday?
7. Although I love her, the Bonnie scene was a throw-away. What? Was Kat filming something more important?
8. Ahhhhh Stefan. Or shall I say the "true Rippahh". The not-so-good-anymore-brother. Deep down he's still in there…Believe!!! I hope this arc doesn't go on and on bc I can't stand it. That blood deal at the end of season 1 was painful enough. Although Stefan did need a new shtick, I hope its this one doesn't last long. It’s a bit predictable. Stefan decides he wants another go at being "good" just in time to see Delena emerge and gets tossed back into darkness. Boooo!
9. The Phone Call: A glimmer of hope. Potentially, the best scene of this entire episode. Close second was a dripping Damon. Bring it! We want more…of both.
10. Someone said it best in the comments. It wasn't Blair's pregnancy test, it was Caroline's! (Gossip Girl) LMAO. Priceless.. Although vampires can't get pregnant (said Damon) a hybrid happened somehow. Something tells me its little wolf sailors that do the trick. They always find exceptions to the rules. Calling it now: Klaus will have plans for Forwood offspring….not like it'll be difficult.
11. The Secret Circle? Ya, I watched it. They have nothing on our beloved. I just hope this doesn't affect Kevin's creative juices for the show that really matters….TVD!!!!!


my favourite character is Damon but this last scene of Stefan and Elena was so great and so sad. I still remember stefan's face, it was really beautiful and i was happy to see the old good stefan for a moment but still


You have no idea how much I've missed reading TVD Round Table! What was your favorite quote from last night? Anything with Tyler and Caroline. I squealed when I saw the gorgeous Tyler walking towards the beautiful Caroline. Squealing right now too! OMG YOU TWO!


Honestly, the only thing which kept the honour of tvd was offence.


@Diane yeah good call. my b. although you never know, in this world, i'm sure he could reappear at some point.


Me too! I love Caroline SO MUCHH!!=D
I see alot of chemistry between Damon and Elena I just hope they give in and hook up! BTW, I think Dan made a mistake, "Johnny Gilbert" died in The Sun Also Rises,right? So yeah loved the first episode (my favorite so far) and hoping to see more of Delena, Forwood and Bonnie(I miss her!) and ofcourse Stefan.


right *headdesk*

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It's your party. You can cry if you want to.


Hello, brother.