TV Fanatic Presents: The Secret Circle Forum!

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The Secret Circle is open for business!

Just in time for this Thursday's season premiere, with the pilot episode actually available to view online right now, TV Fanatic has expanded our forum section to include a spot for fans of this new CW series to gather.

Who is your favorite character? What mysterious leave you most curious? Which couples are you rooting for? Rooting against? Follow the proceeding link to visit The Secret Circle forum now and discuss with fellow users. We'll see you there!

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STOP that ! It's not the book. It's a serie with its own plot. Stop watching and read again the book if you want. But STOP your whining. IT IS NOT THE BOOK BIS


So, I've just finished watching The Secret Circle, and though in my own personal opinion I felt that it had it's strong points, I also felt it's weak points. First off, i want to say that I'am a MAJOOOOOR fan of the books, and read them in about a day, with that being said, the show is completely and absolutly different from the book, I mean they have taken this poor book and completely rewritten it (Those of you who have read the book know exactly what I mean). Another week point was the fact that they cut six characters from the show, six characters that I felt helped the plot a little bit. I also don't like the fact that none of them are related in the show, I thought it was perfect when they were connected to one another in the book. Another thing that just absolutly KILLS me, is the casting of the characters UUUGHHH!! The girl playing Faye has no essence of the character, she's too soft to play a character like faye, I actually feel that a brunette Lindsay Lohan would be perfect for the roll of Faye. I don't like the girl playing Diana either, I feel that the character of Diana should have been really sweet and serene looking, a girl with a slight edge, but girl next door qualities like rebecca gayheart in the 90's. I think the characters for Adam and Nick should switch places, because in the book Adam is described as having light-ish hair, and boyish features, while Nick is described as a tall dark and mysterious guy, so they should def switch roles. I don't like the fact that they've killed off the mother in the first episode either, I think they should've taken the book approach with that senerio as well, as the mother could have played a key role in Cassie's discovery of her powers. I don't like Faye's mom as principle either, you see in the book Faye's mom was never really around, which when you think about it, supported the Faye being a bad girl theory, because her parents just weren't there. AND WHO AND WHERE IN THE HELL DID MELISSA COME FROM???? In the book there wasn't even such a character by that name or with relevancy. And finally my last complaint, is that I feel that they are rushing the story a little... It's only the first episode and already Cassie and Adam have kissed, and are acting like they can't stay away from eachother. In the book it didn't happen so soon, and in real life it wouldn't have happened so soon unles Cassie was a sleeze, which I don't think she is. They are giving the viewers way too much too soon, I hope they slow it down a little. As far as the good things go, I really love the theme music, the creepy music with the child humming, it brings a eerie feel to it. I really like the actress that plays Cassie and I think she's perfect for the role, exactly how I pictured Cassie when I read the books. But sadly, thats pretty much all I liked... If the season keeps going like this, I may stop watching eventually, i hope it gets better!!!!


Faye is sort of the Katherine on the show LOL. And diana will definitely go good girl gone bad - with her dad bring a badass - s.o.b - I wouldn't be surprised if Cassie and Adam throw her overboard eventually. The pilot got me hooked X)

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