TV Ratings Report: Series High for Two and a Half Men

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Viewers across the country tuned in to meet Walden Schmidt last night.

Two and a Half Men premiered to record ratings, as Ashton Kutcher's debut nabbed an incredible 28 million viewers for the CBS sitcom. That's more than twice the number that tuned in for last year's opener.

Following such a dismal episode, though, how many of these folks will stick around?

Meeting Walden

Elsewhere on the dial:

  • The How I Met Your Mother premiere was up 34 percent from 2010.
  • 2 Broke Girls took full advantage of its huge lead-in and debuted 19.2 million viewers.
  • Dancing with the Stars drew 18.72 million viewers in its second hour.
  • Castle and Hawaii Five-O kicked off new seasons with strong numbers: 14.35 million and 12.57 million, respectively.
  • The Playboy Club opened its doors to a paltry 5.05 million people, two million fewer than watched Chase last year... which got canceled after a handful of episodes.

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I don't understand what all the fuss is about. I loved the old Two and a Half Men and I was worried that I would hate the new Two and a Half Men, but I thought the show was great! The funeral was EXACTLY what a person like Charlie HARPER would have had. That was how women thought about him after he left them. They might change their minds if it looked like he was coming back (remember the one where Rose set up the hate Charlie website and they hated him until he, er, apologized) but that was the attitude when he dumped them. Why do people think they would have cried at his funeral? And Ashton was great - just different enough from Charlie Harper to keep the show going and just enough like him to get on Alan's nerves. I don't understand all the complaints. I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the couch!


I also agree with those who did not like the funeral. Everyone dissing on Charlie was wrong. Some of them wanted to marry him, and he was not always a bad guy. He was fun, and was important to the show. They should have showed more respect, even tho they might not think Sheen deserved it, I think Harper did. Also the Darma and Greg was fun! It was nice to see him besides so serious on Criminal Minds!


I was a little disappointed. After all the hype, I think they tried to put too much in the half hour. I will continue watching because I see the potential there and Ashton is the newbie. It will take a few episodes for those that were great fans of Charlie's, and even tho I am a great fan of Ashton too, to get used to him on the show. It was funny and I believe it will just get better! The rest of the cast was fantastic, and it will be the best show again. Like I said tho, I think too much in just the 1/2 hr.


How sad it is so many avid followers turned after one episode. I have a great respect for the cast and crew for trying to pull out of the spin that Charlie Sheen placed on everyone. Hats off to Ashton Kutcher for stepping into big shoes. He is funny, talented and a good man. I would not lose faith with such incredible talent based on one episode. All of these people took such a big hit during the drama. I support the show 100% I cannot imagine how hard it must be trying to revive such a wonderful sitcom. Did anyone really think it was going to be the same? They HAVE to restructure. The writers made Charlie not Charlie. The show will prevail again.

Anna maria

I definitely won't be watching it ever again..killing charlie was so sloppy, they shoul've just cancelled it, gone out on top


The people who didn't like it before might like it now, but the things completely different. First half of the episode was like a funeral for the whole series so far. Second half for new followers... If you hated Charlie (either Harper or Sheen) and wanted to spit on his casket, then enjoy. This'll be the first time I ever not follow up on a 'to be continued'.

Uncle jackass

"The Earth took Six days to be created," Ergo, I'll wait patiently as it might get better. I loved the Dharma and Greg cameo Lol!!


I liked and ashton was goood


To kill off charlie they way they did. To act that way at his funeral. Then to dust bust his ashes. Then to replace charlie sheen with aston. Ok so we went from funny to boring. They are trying to get more woman viewers by casting ashton. Well they lost me as a viewer. You could atleast have given charlie respect.HE DID CARRY THE SHOW FOR YEARS. IS THE ONLY STAR AND WILL BE THE ONLY STAR OF TWO AND A HALF MEN. Who ever wrote the story line to write the funeral and to write in ashton is incompitent


I like Ashton but last night was painful to watch. There were so many ackward moments!!!! I'm glad it was only about 10 minutes long with commercials making up the other 20 minutes. What a waste of my time. I'll tune in to see if it gets any better....but I'll TEVO it so I don't have to suffer through all the Ads.

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Two and a Half Men Quotes

Alan: What's the forecast?
Charlie: High tonight, low tomorrow, 100% chance of hangover.

Charlie: For every gorgeous woman out there's a guy tired of banging her.
Alan: But that guy is never me.