Two and a Half Men Review: Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt

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On what was likely the most-watched episode of Two and a Half Men in history, people tuned in to the season nine premiere for one reason: to meet Ashton Kutcher's Walden Schmidt.

Ashton Kutcher as Walden Schmidt

But before we even get there, I want to discuss the star-studded opening, starting with the ex-girlfriend ladden funeral.

From old flames such as Courtney (Jenny McCarthy) and Mia to more recent women like Chelsea and even her friend, Sherri (Jeri Ryan), thy were all there. It was vintage Two and a Half Men humor, right on down to Evelyn trying to sell the house at the funeral.

Back at the house during the second act, we still had the entire supporting cast, including Berta and Evelyn and going right on down to Judith and Herb. And that's before the celebrity buyers came in.

These were quick and cute, from John Stamos and his devil's threesome to a modern day Dharma and Greg talking divorce. The latter was an adorable nod to Lorre's past sitcom and it put a smile on my face.

Really, the show seemed like Jon Cryer and the rest of his supporting cast could have carried things without Sheen. But Chuck Lorre and company, or more likely executives at CBS, did not have faith in their existing cast, so they had to bring on the gimmick that was Mr. Ashton Kutcher.

Enter Walden Schmdt and his hung-like-a-horse tall, good-looking, rich and supposedly smart self. So, was it "Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt?"

Clearly, the shows tried to build Walden in with some sympathy by introducing him as a shell of a man after his wife left him. And all it was going to take was a threesome to bring our man back and we would all be built up with him, right?

Well, unfortunately between Kutcher's terrible acting and a horribly written character, it all just felt awkward. Was Walden supposed to be bright like his character and wealth indicated?  Because all I saw was the trait that has permeated every character Kutcher has ever played: stupidity. However, unlike his lovable, iconic Kelso, there wasn't even charm. There was just... dumb luck.

I'm giving the show an appropriate 2.5 stars. Not just because of the title, but because it was pretty much half of our maximum rating. But then there had to be a second half.

Obviously, like everyone else, I'll probably give it one more week. Past that, though? 2 Broke Girls seems like much better sitcom filler to me.


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Seriously producers, realize the mistake you have made. Yes, Charlie screwed up, but to ruin one of the only successful and truly funny shows out there because you can't move past this is ridiculous. Ashton is good looking to a lot of people, but he really can't act and his character is moronic. I have really tried watching the show and cannot get into it. The only humorous parts are with Allen now. This show used to be a valued departure from all of the murder, mayhem and CSIs out there, now it won't last long.


The photo at the top of this website says it all about how so much of the show just doesn't pass the smell test anymore. With all that is going on in the news recently, a photo of a teenage boy and a man such as this just is not any way funny, just like the show. So much of the supposed humor is not. I am done with the show. It is just in poor taste. And the sad thing is it used to be funny--does it even have the same writers? I don't even recognize it any more.


Ashton K is an idiot. He behaves like he is not all there. PLEASE bring back Charlie Sheen!!!!! There must be a way.


I think the owners of Two and a half men and Mr.Charlie Sheen should put aside their diffrences and look for the possibility to bring Mr.Charlie back
in the show.
The writer could arrange it.
Doing this for the fans of Two and a Half men. If this isn`t possible look for someone else,maybe Mr.Joey from the popular serie Friends,or maybe someone else. Mr Jon (Aka Alan Harper) did a great job acting as Mr .Charlie.
I think it was in episode 8 seaon 9.
Maybe he should take the place of Mr.Kutcher.
Great acting Mr.Jon If Mr.Kutcher stays on the show with the acting and apperance he does now I don`t think their will be a next season. Also my advice :a clean shave in this serie would be my advice. Best regards


Do show producers read comments? Time to end this show, or find way to bring Charlie back from dead. ie. Rose told everyone Charlie died because he was in coma and not expected to survive. Miraculously, he did, and comes
back to reclaim his house and live with Rose. She forgives his dalliances because he always comes back to her, and she knows him so well. Charlie is not well at first, but eventually comes back to his old self. Leave everyone else in place. Ditch Ashton Kucher. No longer watch but love the reruns.


I watched the new 2 men for the first time against my better judgement. I am sorry but it is awwwwful. Not even funny you may think you r winning not. We all love charlie. He is the heart of the show. I dont think he handled things the best. Charlie and the crew make the show. It is pure insult to everyone to continue this mochery of a show. If u care about the fans you will bring charlie back and work it out. We are all human. Ashton quit your day. Job. You r better in movies. I love u but not in this show. The shoes r way to big to fill. Jon and charlie have great chemistry. I know alan needs his big bro.


OMG I can't believe Charlie did this!! Check out this video :


I hate Walden, Alan helps him out by stopping him from killing himself, then he has sex with 2 women in Alan's house before he even buys it. Then to top it off, he sells Charlie's piano, which makes Alan lose it, puts him in a mental ward, steals his girlfriend and then kicks him out... Even though it was a dream I still hate walden and think that they should bring Charlie back. Also I hate the new house, atleast he didnt kick Alan out... BUT BRING CHARLIE BACK


Apparently 'Louise, Donna, and Rita' love the show but guess what 'Adam, John, and Mike' hate it. I really didn't care much about the whole Charlie Sheen fiasco but since his departure the show has turned totally gay. Ashton behaves like an idiot. His acting is painful to watch. Nothing funny about him walking around naked. Punk'd is his calling, Two and a Half men isnt. Just put the show out of its misery or bring better plots back. The show sucks!


Well done Chuck, you blew it!, just killed a legendary tv show, hope you're happy with yourself

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

Just like old times. I'm talking and you're in a bottle ignoring me.

Alan [to urn]

Walden: Trust me, money doesn't buy happiness.
Alan: I wouldn't know, I've never had either.