Two and a Half Men Review: "People Who Love Peepholes"

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So it's week two of Ashton Kutcher taking over for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men - or Alan and Friends, as I like to affectionately call it. As of tonight, that is.

While Kutcher has grown on me slightly since last week (which isn't saying much) the show still just feels a little off.

Cleaning Up Walden

There were plenty of scenes in Men's previous eight seasons that did not feature Charlie, so I'm not even just blaming his absence. "People Who Love Peepholes" just didn't feel like Two and a Half Men. For example, take Berta.

I'm a huge Berta fan, but for some reason, they decided to give her a voiceover this week. When you're already going through such a huge change like swapping out your main star, do you really have to change up the format on us?

Tonight, we also met Walden's much talked about ex-girlfriend, Bridget, played by Judy Greer. I'm not convinced you're going to find a bigger Greer fan (just check my Facebook profile picture!), but I have to say... this casting just felt off.

Maybe I'm just getting cynical, but the ages feel out of whack on this show. Alan (Jon Cryer: 46) is now suddenly BFFs with Walden (Ashton Kutcher: 33), who used to date Bridget (Judy Greer: 36).

Yes, I realize Greer isn't much older than Kutcher, who's clearly no stranger to older women, but Hollywood always casts younger women and they've made me used to it. And Alan feels way too old to be hanging out with Peter Pan (though his house made me think much more MJ).

Before I offend too many people, I'm going to bring this review to a close. I'm glad the episode ended with Alan moving back into the Malibu beach house. We got that hurdle out of the way.

Now we just need to find a way to make Walen less idiotic and more likable. Then, we need to find a better form of comedic chemistry between Cryer and Kutcher.

There will never be perfect dynamic between the Harper brothers.  But we need to do a little better than tonight if this show is going to last more than the season.


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Two strikes and I'm out. This episode was actually worse than the first. The first, at least, had Charlie centered jokes. This one, Kutcher was more grating than ever. The VO from Berta was cringe worthy. I'm just going to pretend the series had a finale. I'm done.


Bring Charlie back...I rather watch the old episodes...


Wow, it’s very possible Chuck Lorre got his new BORING story line from Ashton Kutcher’s “real life�! It’s now being reported Demi Moore left Ashton well before the new season even started.


I miss Charlie on the show! No one can ever take his place. The chemistry on the old shows just felt right. I tried watching with Ashton but I was totally bored! Not watching anymore just reruns! They are the best! I looked foward to 11pm every night before I went to sleep to watch episodes of two and a half men but they took that away too! Charlie had a rough time in his personal life but you never knew anything based on his performance on the show. I agree, he was in need of help but the show is just not the same anymore.


After Sheen's unpleasant craziness, no one wanted the new show to succeed more than I, but after watching the first episode and thinking "well it's new, give it a chance" I watched the second and just thought "this is nauseating" - hate the gratuitous blurred nudity, hate Berta's lascivious drooling over Walden, hate Jake not being there, and most of all hate the moronic character that the writers are forcing on Ashton Kutcher. Is he on drugs? Can't he see how pathetically awful his character is? Something I thought I'd NEVER say: bring back Charlie.


It is a perfect show for people that have a low IQ.


Aston is not at all funny. we don't appreciate his near nude appearances. what is the purpose of tht anyway? Charlie was great an you need to find a way to bring him back to the show. If Charlie does not return, we will not watch this show anymore.


Devoted fans for years - including reruns - will not watch again and only saw the second episode - Kutcher ruins the show and where is Jake in all of this?


Let me guess, Aston’s face gives you an erection? Lol
I agree about Roses Rubber Hubby tho!


Face it charlie screw up those last couple of shows with him chasing rose who was married to a rubber man was has dumb as it could of gotten the show was not funny at all last season and charlie looked burned out all the time and aged very badly I'm giving the new show thumbs up i got tired of charlie chasing rose and her rubber husband i rather watch reruns than last season i can't wait for monday night again continue success

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