Two and a Half Men Review: "People Who Love Peepholes"

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So it's week two of Ashton Kutcher taking over for Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men - or Alan and Friends, as I like to affectionately call it. As of tonight, that is.

While Kutcher has grown on me slightly since last week (which isn't saying much) the show still just feels a little off.

Cleaning Up Walden

There were plenty of scenes in Men's previous eight seasons that did not feature Charlie, so I'm not even just blaming his absence. "People Who Love Peepholes" just didn't feel like Two and a Half Men. For example, take Berta.

I'm a huge Berta fan, but for some reason, they decided to give her a voiceover this week. When you're already going through such a huge change like swapping out your main star, do you really have to change up the format on us?

Tonight, we also met Walden's much talked about ex-girlfriend, Bridget, played by Judy Greer. I'm not convinced you're going to find a bigger Greer fan (just check my Facebook profile picture!), but I have to say... this casting just felt off.

Maybe I'm just getting cynical, but the ages feel out of whack on this show. Alan (Jon Cryer: 46) is now suddenly BFFs with Walden (Ashton Kutcher: 33), who used to date Bridget (Judy Greer: 36).

Yes, I realize Greer isn't much older than Kutcher, who's clearly no stranger to older women, but Hollywood always casts younger women and they've made me used to it. And Alan feels way too old to be hanging out with Peter Pan (though his house made me think much more MJ).

Before I offend too many people, I'm going to bring this review to a close. I'm glad the episode ended with Alan moving back into the Malibu beach house. We got that hurdle out of the way.

Now we just need to find a way to make Walen less idiotic and more likable. Then, we need to find a better form of comedic chemistry between Cryer and Kutcher.

There will never be perfect dynamic between the Harper brothers.  But we need to do a little better than tonight if this show is going to last more than the season.


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The episodes are funny until Ashton's character appears on screen. Alan is very funny and Alan is just being Alan. I don't like the direction they're taking Ashton's character at all. I think he was miscast for this show. He's not funny at all. I dislike this dopey, stupid sorry for myself millionaire character.


I saw 2 episodes and regret watching it. Thats 42min of my life I will never get back. The show is just NOT funny at all.


Horrible como pueden creer que pueden realizar esta serie sin Charlie un horror como dicen algunos no la vere mas asi dejo de quejarme


Yo no podia creer lo que veia ante la muerte risas cargadas muy patetico no se lo que es sin charli yo de mi parte no lo mirare mas como creen sustituirlo por un tarado creen que los espectadores somos estupidos por dios


Time to change the name to TWO & A HALF IMBECILES....!


I have EVERY season of Two and a Half Men, 1-8. They are priceless and absolutely hysterical. We waited with bated breath for the new season to start. I am so disappointed I can barely watch. This show is the worst train wreck I have ever seen. My husband and I haven't laughed once since it started. Ashton is making a fool of himself (sorry to say) because he is a horrible fit for the show. We don't like any of it. PLEASE PLEASE bring Charlie back. The two producers are talented enough to come up with a mistaken identity of Charlie's body or something creative. We think the producers and Charlie Sheen should sit down like adults, let the past issues go and FIND a way to work together. This would be a WIN WIN situation for everyone including and most importantly your audience!! In this depressing trouble filled world we live in right now, nothing would perk us up than to have the old show back! All of you, just grow up and do it! Also, get rid of those awful laugh tracks..they are a constant annoyance and ridiculous since NONE of the show is funny. Save yourself! I'm not watching anymore.


DVR was used to just skip 2 1/2 men no worries it's deleted from the lineups. Sad pathetic writing and the saddest cast remake. Bye Bye


Show was never funny as they recycled the same tired jokes every season, but I'm glad it's probably going to get cancelled soon now.


I watched the 3rd week hoping it would get better. I haven't laughed at anything since the funeral. This is awful. No one is funny. Just deleted it from my shows to tape and won't watch again. As much as I like Ashton he isn't good in this. Did you loose all your writers when you lost Charlie? I didn't like Charlie's behavior and understood you dumping him but either suck it up and bring him back or cancel the show. It could have just a dream that he died.....


I used to be a big two and half men but it really sucks without Charlie, you screwed up big time Chuck, Ashton Kutcher sucks, might as well have called him Kelso. I watched the first two episode and last night I wached How I Met your Mother (super funny)! Done with two and half men unless they replace Ashton or bring back Charlie Sheen!!!! The show is nothing without him, swallow your pride Warner Bros and get him back.

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