Warehouse 13 Summer Finale Promo: Zombies!

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Warehouse 13 wraps up its summer season with an episode only this show could pull off:

It focuses on a jar, a taco truck and a fortune-telling machine. Oh, and zombies.

Look for Claudia to receive some bad news on the installment titled "Insatiable," while Marcus Diamond offers a proposition to Steve Jinks. Will he take it? What is it? Check out the official Syfy trailer below.

UPDATE: Our mistake. This was NOT the summer finale.


What's-her-pajamas is seriously one hawt woman. Been that way since I first saw her in the first X-Men movie, but there's sihotmeng about this series that never grabbed me. I don't hate it. . . I dunno . . . just sihotmeng about this particular brand of Vampire doesn't itch my Vampire fetish. I think the first couple episodes went a little over the top with the gratuitous vamp sex and it kind of ruined the image in my opinion; like it was the big selling point of the whole series or sihotmeng. Red Shoe Diaries: BDSM Vamp Bayou Vamp Style.


It did not show 13 episodes this season so how is this the season finale somebody really got it wrong.


it's not the summer finale still 2 episodes more and that winter special episode left.

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