Watch The Secret Circle Premiere... Right Now!!!

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The Secret Circle premieres on The CW this Thursday night, immediately following The Vampire Diaries.

We've seen the pilot, we loved the pilot and we can't wait for readers to experience it, as well... which they can do at this very instant. At no cost.

Meeting Charles

The CW has made the series premiere available for download on iTunes. Simply follow THIS LINK to watch the episode. Do so now, see what all the excitement is about and then discuss it our NEW SECRET CIRCLE FORUM!!!

Seriously, go! What are you waiting for?!?

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what is the name of the lullaby (the child humming) right in the beginning of the episode.. i want to download that


I think the opening was good, I dont think she should go any where near that drok thats about to ditch his 3 year long girlfriend after 3 seconds, and I got that chemistry is not always right thats why her mum took her away with her father, even tho that chemistry was pushing her mum with that other guy. I think she should rebel fight the circle find out what happend to mum and dad gain her own power and kick everyones ass.


Amazing ! I loved everything ! The songs, actors, the story, the way it's filmed. It's a very good pilot with all the elements you need to understand the story. The best scene ? Adam and Cassie of course. For once, we go directly to the point and the chemistry is incredible. I read all the 3 books and the show has a big potential and I'm sure no one will be disapointed. I wasn't. The best pilot of the season to me.


I'm excited about this show thought the pilot was amazinggg. Was just thinking this iss kinda like the first decent witchy show since charmed (eastwick doesn't count), lets hope the cw goes far with it :D


Hi can anyone tell me what song is being played at the very beginning of the show


I truly enjoyed it. looking forward to the rest of the season


guys, the series premier is already on and it is good


So does this link show the WHOLE thing?


Loved the pilot! Cassie and Adam definitely have chemistry & Britt and Thomas are perfect for the roles. I'm already a Cassie/Adam fan after just the pilot but I expected Adam and Diana to have something since they've been together for 3 years... but I felt nothing between them. Although, they didn't interact that much. Shelley Hennig looks very different since her role on Days of Our Lives. They've definitely made her look younger, which is good since she's now playing a high school student. Good casting with her dad too. Gale Harold is excellent!


I loved it. Great premiere. My only complaint would be the cheesy spellcasting.
4.2/5 stars.