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Weeds Season 8 Scoop: Who is the Shooter?

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I made my opinion on Weeds very clear in my review of the season seven finale: The show has lost all direction and should not return next summer.

But while Showtime is yet to make an announcement in either direction, the odds are strong that we'll see more of Nancy and company in the future.

What might an eighth season look like? In the following video, creator Jenji Kohan analyzes the finale and offers up a tease about the person who pulled the trigger in the closing scene. Watch now and then vote below.

Do you want Weeds to return?


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Her sniper is Peter Scottson' son tim , they've already revealed nancy as the victim.


You guys need to learn to separate fiction from reality. The series is capturing the ups and downs of a widowed mother who starts a reckless path of self destruction and later on that karma seems to grip her, like prison and lets not forget the season 7 finale where she gets shot in the head.


I have always been CONVINCED that it's Tim. Looks-wise it totally could be him. I can't wait !!!!


Don't know who shot him but I am positive that Stevie got shot


Who wants to bet that Andy becomes a daddy this season? Maxine is having a baby with some guy named "Lanny"?? Hmmm... Sounds close to 'Andy' to me & the timing seems to match. Just pointing it out. Can't wait! Post at ya guys during the season!


These posts are blowing my mind. Some people actually think Roy Till is still alive? The "biker guy" from S3 was named 'Chess'(Chester); which could be a possibility, but I doubt it. IMO, Tim Scottson would actually have a reason to kill Nancy, & possibly be smart enough to track her down. Which would not be hard. She's in the system after all, her story was probably all over the papers in California & his Mommy, Valerie, most likely reminded him of the $100,000. she "took" from them.
Doug's son? Really? 'Josh' is now on Showtime's "Shameless", so I doubt he's got the time & I don't really see why he'd be tracking anyone down...
As far as 'Esteban' goes, they really did seem to breeze over his death strangely. I would think his information to the FBI, DEA, etc...would be worth more than what Nancy knew. Not saying he's the shooter, but I have a feeling he may pop up this year in some form.
But all-in-all, I think all most signs point to Tim Scottson.
And BTW, nothing to do w/ the shooting, but who wants to bet Andy is going to be a daddy this season? Maxine is having a baby w/ a guy named "Lanny"?? Hmmm... Can't wait!!


It's not Conrad and it's definitely not Till's partner. Till's partner was shot and unless Conrad did a Michael Jackson, the shooter isn't black. I just got hooked on this show and watched all 7 seasons in 3 days. Season 7 was pretty rediculous, but alot of things are when it comes to this show. Celia should have died when she threw 40lbs of weed in the pool and Nancy should have been dead a billion times already. You don't narc on a Mexican drug lord and live to tell about it. I would've held her hostage till she had the kid and snuffed her on the spot. Burning her house down was dumb, arson---hello? no one cares??? The DEA agent investigation was a joke, Shane killing Pilar might have been cool, but realistically Nancy would have been murdered in jail within a week for it in retaliation as well as her family. So many things make me mad about this show, but some stuff is well written and the characters are awesome. All of the guys on the show are awesome. Nancy is a straight tramp though... she sleeps around way too much. My first guess at the shooter would be someone from Pilar's crew. Maybe the DEA's son. Maybe the smackhead daughter of her ex husband hired someone since her dad was killed because of Nancy. Just because Nancy is being shot at doesn't mean it will be a fatal shot. Too many things in the air to know for sure though about who it might be... this family has paved the roads with everyone they screwed over.


i am convinced nobody on this post has actually watched the show. Till's partner is dead too---the mexicans killed to find out that nancy was the tunnel rat


esteban and guillermo are dead


It is probably not dougs son from the pilot---he is on shameless now.
It does look like it could be Peter's son but that's far fetched for how many years it has been.
I would have to guess Scott (her sisters hubby...he's always been a little off his rocker and her sis put him through a lot) I agree it had a silencer and Shane was the gunshot you heard. He has been the "man" of the family since the beginning of the show---shooting the bear, moving to pittsburgh, killing pillar, etc etc. Plus, he's been shot before and is pretty much a stonewall of emotion---he'd be a quick reacter.

Weeds Quotes

Shane: You're not a bad influence on being a drug dealer.
Shane: You're a bad influence because you're a bad drug dealer.

I'm the suburban baroness of bud, Nancy.

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