Weeds Season Finale Review: When Will It End?

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Come on, Weeds.

You were three seconds away from the best conclusion you could muster on "Do Her/Don't Do Her." Granted, the family compound felt hastily-thrown together, but so did every development on season seven. At least various characters were given somewhat happy endings here (no, not that kind, Doug) - Silas has a grow room, Nancy has partial custody of her son. That is, until you decided to go all Sopranos at the very last moment.

Nancy and Jill

Weeds is yet to be picked up for an eighth season, and I really wish creator Jenji Kohan had made this decision for Showtime. That way, she could have penned a build-up to a finale that gave Nancy and her family a true send-off.

The series has been an enormous success, but if it was wobbling off the tracks last year, it crashed and exploded off of them this season. Every episode felt like a complete mess. There was no continuity, no pacing. Take this half hour as an example: the banter between Nancy and Jill was hilarious at times, but did anyone feel a connection to these sisters? Or to the custody storyline in general?

It was completely dropped for weeks and, even more importantly, I can't imagine why anyone would have wanted Nancy to end up with Stevie. She is a horrific mother. Really, the only character who made any sense here was Shane's detective friend when he blasted Nancy for being selfish and dangerous and using the NYPD to further her own drug empire. I was nodding along with every word out of his mouth.

It's one thing to portray a morally grey central character, as many other shows do very well. But that character must be interesting and viewers must feel some sympathy for him or her at times. Sadly, Nancy Botwin never once held my interest this season. She sleeps around and she'll do anything to sell marijuana. That just about covers her.

Can she be redeemed? Is there an angle there for season eight? Maybe. Mary-Louise Parker is still terrific in the role. But it's always frustrating when a show doesn't know when to say goodbye. I've often defended Weeds because it takes chances. But at some point those chances stop feeling brave and start feeling desperate. It's too bad. For a show about drugs, Weeds has ruined any chance of going out on a high note.


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A fair review of Season 7 -- it was a mess. I thought Season 6 was excellent. Positive points for Season 7 include that the show did something with the sons and Doug. However, they made no use of NYC (except to show the subway stop near Columbia). The Andy character is mildly entertaining, but only when he showed his disappointment with his business, was there any connection with human reality. There was such potential for these characters as well as the storyline. Mostly, I felt that not much of it was realized. Seasons 1-6: 3.5-4stars
Season 7: 2.5 stars


funniest season ever.
The person who wrote this article is probably a white white middle class american with moral values and too much tv watching. Come on.


Yes! I agree with this post. I've never made a post before in my life, but this is worth it. I love Weeds but...Where has Ceila been? She brought more shock value and humor than any other character on the show. She kept it alive and the viewers guessing. And If Zoya or the sister are supposed to replace Ceila it did not work. I actually rather enjoyed Season 7 and I am looking forward to a Season 8--who's the shooter? Surely Nancy survived, etc. That said, if Zoya plays any sort of significant role and Ceila doesn't make a come back then I think some of these bad reviews might actually come to be true. Please let Weeds end with a bang and prove all the naysayers wrong. Bring back Ceila! season 7 was starving for her!!


December 28th, 2011 11:25 PM Even though Ceila was kind of nuts--- she did have that President of the PTA/Soccer mom background. Therefore, I wish that Nancy's son would have gone to Ceila instead of Nancy's sister. The thing is, the characters are so great but I found the female cast this season to be disappointing. Nancy's Lesbian Lover and Nancy's sister are just not entertaining or fun to watch like Ceila was. I don't think that Nancy's sister will bring the same entertainment value to the new house/compound as Ceila would. Ceila just brought so much to the show that was just plain missing this season. Here is my plea as an avid Weeds watcher to PLEASE bring Ceila back and lay off the lesbian lover, it's just messy having her on the show, and she brings nothing enjoyable to the table. Bringing Celia back would just nail Season 8!


Hurray, I read that on or around November 11, 2011 that Showtime picked up Weeds for a season 8.


Yea these moral peeps do NOT know thyselves. Sure she is a 'mythic' character, who has to live with her heroism. She is NOT a sociopath. She's lucid and clear inside the hightenned insanity of what she CAN do. This level of heroism if it were a Clint Eastwood character, would be seen as the 'righteous outlaw'. Because it's a modern woman, we find something wrong with her. I've never met a suburban or educated woman that doesn't sell out every day of her life, who doesn't compromise true ethos, true courage, for 'making it work' . Those who have not sinned, let them cast.....


I totally enjoyed this season and the ending. It's all about entertainment NOT reality. I loved saying how horrible a mom Nancy is yet I still love watching her (amazing acting). I loved Andy's line about how we all F**K up and then we F**k up some more and we do it with family because that's the safest place to do it. So when Shane becomes a cop was the deal that he will bust his own family? Good show..and let's face it that baby has to be Andy's and Silas is too good looking to be a real person although my daughter saw him in Central park and said..he is indeed ..that good looking.


Number One: It's a TV show, if you dis-like it, change the channel and tune into something you do like. Number Two: I loved this season, and I thought they really toned it down from the past three seasons, into something much more like the first three seasons. It had a much more subtle since of humor, and not as much action as seasons 4,5, & 6. Number Three: The show had lost ratings after season 3. They needed to change the story line to keep the show alive, and attract a new audience. There by probably upsetting the die-hard fans of seasons 4,5 &6, because it led to the beat of a different drummer. Number Four: I would not be at all surprised to learn this season had more ratings than in the previous years, I don't know if it did, but it wouldn't surprise me. For those that say it was not well put together, your wrong. It tied up a lot of loose ends, probably because the story may end with this season. It had to slow things down, if it was the action packed, gun slinging, fast paced show it was in the previous couple of seasons the show would have only created more questions and not answered any of the old ones. Given there are still some loose ends, I think they did a great job of answering most of the old questions. Number Five: If you think the first three seasons were the best, I would think you would have really enjoyed this season. That being said, I liked the first three seasons, but I also enjoyed the action of seasons 4,5 &6. Now, go back and re-watch seasons 1, 2, and 3, they will seem boring. I used to say that I loved the first three seasons the best, but re-watching those episodes I didn't find them as entertaining as I did the first time. Mainly, because the new developments were much more interesting. It was kinda boring watching Nancy watch her child play soccer. Number Six: If the show was not a AWSOME show, there would not be these kinds of comments on the season, good or bad. It has provoked thought, and interest among many people. In my opinion, this is the best tv show around in a long time, and still is today. Number Seven: I don't know who the shooter is, but Nancy has lots of enemy's on the show, it could be anyone! Maybe one of the soldiers that stole the pot? Remember who wasn't at the apartment, and who his sister was. Number Eight: I really would hate to see this series end, I love Weeds. I would hate to think the series ended with Nancy dieing, but at the same time it did a great job of rapping everything up and giving us a solid ending. I would really like to think that she is still alive though, and I hope there is a season 8. I waited each week to watch the new episode of Weeds Season 7, favorite show out there period. I know I'm not alone, and I would watch Season 8 with loyalty. I thought the show was much more funny than the previous seasons, and couldn't stop laughing at the subtle jokes, Andy was awesome this season and I couldn't stop laughing at times. Number Nine: If there is a Season 8, I think it could take a lot of different angles. Nancy could be in the hospital, or their family and Nancy could be under protection by the government from a drug lord, or older characters from seasons 1,2 and 3 could be introduced back into the suburbs, or it could go back into Nancy being on the run. The show still has a lot of potential, and if season 7 was instead season 1, I think it would have a great shot of having a few seasons to follow it. Number 10: Anyone that says Weeds don't know when to end, you don't know a good TV show when you watch one. I can't think of another show out there right now that has captivated the imagination and emotions of the viewers that Weeds has. I WANT MORE. Funniest Moment - (Andy)"So whats your plan, your just gonna walk over there and go shhhh shhhh, drugs,drugs, over here, over here."


the shooter was Tim Scottson the dea agents son. if you look carefully it is very clear. plus jeni kohan said in a interview that it was someone from the first couple seasons i tried to find it again but i cant sorry but it is out there. If this is the end i like it bc its a show about crime the moral in the end is normally crime doesnt pay in this situation nancy got what she has been dodgeing for the last three seasons.


This season sucked. There was no storyline, all over the place, didn't like any of the characters this year, very boring, not funny, just dumb. I think the writer has lost it. I am done with this show.

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