Weeds Season Finale Review: When Will It End?

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Come on, Weeds.

You were three seconds away from the best conclusion you could muster on "Do Her/Don't Do Her." Granted, the family compound felt hastily-thrown together, but so did every development on season seven. At least various characters were given somewhat happy endings here (no, not that kind, Doug) - Silas has a grow room, Nancy has partial custody of her son. That is, until you decided to go all Sopranos at the very last moment.

Nancy and Jill

Weeds is yet to be picked up for an eighth season, and I really wish creator Jenji Kohan had made this decision for Showtime. That way, she could have penned a build-up to a finale that gave Nancy and her family a true send-off.

The series has been an enormous success, but if it was wobbling off the tracks last year, it crashed and exploded off of them this season. Every episode felt like a complete mess. There was no continuity, no pacing. Take this half hour as an example: the banter between Nancy and Jill was hilarious at times, but did anyone feel a connection to these sisters? Or to the custody storyline in general?

It was completely dropped for weeks and, even more importantly, I can't imagine why anyone would have wanted Nancy to end up with Stevie. She is a horrific mother. Really, the only character who made any sense here was Shane's detective friend when he blasted Nancy for being selfish and dangerous and using the NYPD to further her own drug empire. I was nodding along with every word out of his mouth.

It's one thing to portray a morally grey central character, as many other shows do very well. But that character must be interesting and viewers must feel some sympathy for him or her at times. Sadly, Nancy Botwin never once held my interest this season. She sleeps around and she'll do anything to sell marijuana. That just about covers her.

Can she be redeemed? Is there an angle there for season eight? Maybe. Mary-Louise Parker is still terrific in the role. But it's always frustrating when a show doesn't know when to say goodbye. I've often defended Weeds because it takes chances. But at some point those chances stop feeling brave and start feeling desperate. It's too bad. For a show about drugs, Weeds has ruined any chance of going out on a high note.


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Of course it's just a tv show...a work of fiction. However, there are certain aesthetic 'rules' adhered to throughout history in writing and film making that empathize with human nature, hence, differentiate themselves between what's good and bad storytelling. Whether the protagonist is supposed to be a good, bad or a mixture of the two kind of character, the audience wants to relate in some fashion...cheer the underdog or know the bad guy gets his in the end, for example. So it's kind of an issue of has the Nancy Botwin character jumped the rails, or jumped the shark, as it may be.
Personally, I still watched the show in spite of Nancy. There's enough good comedy going on with the all the other characters to enjoy. As far as Nancy is concerned, I just wanted for her, the 'bad guy' she eventually became, to get her behind handed to her once and for all. Nancy stopped being an underdog...a mom trying to do for her family, into a sociopath with no redeeming qualities who knowingly and willingly destroys everyone around her after the first few seasons. There was simply, from a good storytelling viewpoint, nothing to relate to or empathize with.


I don't watch alot of TV...but this show, I have watched faithfully...I think it is sexy, provacative and the writing and delivery is primo. First of all, people who are getting so emotionally involved with "loathing" Nancy, and calling her a crappy mom, etc, get it together!!!....Folks, it is a TV show. It is entertainment about a pot hustling mom...who the hell would watch it if Nancy was virtuous and prudent. I love watching her make her spontaneous bad decisions and her "good" ones that save her ass or gratify her at the moment. It's my escape for a half hour, for sure. I am entertained, amused and turned on by it. If you are starting to dislike it , surf to another channel. I sure as hell would like to tune in to another season...too many loose ends need to be tied in. I don't think Jenji Kohen would leave us hanging because based on the evolution of her charachters, I think she would HAVE to be rather attached to them at this point. I know if I was the writer on this dynamic and eclectic group of people, I would be. Anyhooo....the shooter??? Esteban? Is he really dead? How about Guillermo? The old and bitter DEA agent? Where the hell is Celia with Isabelle in tow? Did I miss something? Remember when Celia ended season 5 with a crew? There is a TOn of stuff that can be done with the storyline and these characters. If this show stayed in Agrestic it would have closed miserably at season 5. The characters are the meat of this show...the story had to step out of the box and throw some turns off the beaten track to keep you guessing. I think season 7 was a teaser to tie us in for a season 8 where we might see some familiar faces. Here's to hoping anyway! I want to hear everyones theory about the shooter and what they would LIKE to see happen in the next season!


That baby has to be Andy's, right?


I miss the Agrestic days. The first three seasons were really the best on Weeds. At least then you could empathize with Nancy and she had a good protagonist in Celia. The show was a hoot then and the writing was first rate. I agree with others that Nancy has zero appeal as a heroine now and let's face it, if MLP wasn't so damn sexy the show would have been gone by now. I wouldn't believe it's over though. Viewership is still good and if there's money to be made, Nancy and crew will be back, even if only for one season. If there is more I hope they close some plot loops like the Nancy-Andy relationship. If anything Nancy needs a bit of redemption and Andy has matured to the point where if anyone can save her, he can.


i dont agree!i liked this season,it was alot more exciting and funny than the previous one.plus this is a tv show!why r we talking about nancy being a bad mother?its not even real,so chill and enjoy the show!


I personally LOVED this season. I was not a fan of last season, but I feel like they turned it around this year.. I would love to see what another year could produce..but I definitely don't think they can do another 2 seasons... I want to know how everyone turns out.


Nice season, even ending with a new little house on the hillside. I really expected Andy to be the sacrificial lamb for the finale and take a bullet for Nancy. I didn't expect a wrap up done as well as "Six Feet Under" did. But if this is the final of the series then my hope would be for one more show that fast-forwards through their futures, having everyone end up well (with the Andy's spirit narrating).


If this was a series finale, it was disappointing. And Sara - your comment about the drug trade - seriously, pot doesn't come from across the Mex border anymore. Your argument could have been made 10 years ago, but it's still nil considering people suffer only because it's illegal.


Nancy WASN'T shot. All we hear is what may or may not be the sound of a gun going off. Just because you see a gun doesn't mean the two are related. This is known as the cliffhanger. Watching a show like 'Dexter', it was constantly "Now how the hell is Dexter going to get out of that one".....which they all do of course being works of fiction, anythings possible. ;)


I could have sworn this was to be the FINAL season. SO I thought it was a fitting end that Nancy was shot in the head by a sniper. Not quite sure how'd she'd come back from that one. Therefore, I'm a little confused by the talk about a season 8. I think it's done.

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