Which True Blood Hunk Will Appear on Two and a Half Men?

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Two and a Half Men is about to get even better looking.

Entertainment Weekly reports that True Blood star Joe Manganiello will stop by the October 24 episode of this CBS sitcom. The actor will portray the boyfriend of Bridget Walden's ex-wife, who will be played by Judy Greer and debut this Monday.

Joe Manganiello

Manganiello is best known for wooing Sookie on the aforementioned HBO hit as the werewolf Alcide. He's also booked an appearance on White Collar in early 2012.


#1. Brooklyn Decker just made me spill coffee all over my kayoberd.#2. I LOL'd when the Big Poppa came on. That was a yes. Magical preg unicorn was a yes too.#3. (And this msg board is going to kill me here, I know, I know, and call me a plant, so whatever, fling the arrows.) But to me, this doesn't look anything like New Year's or Valentine's Day. I totally get why people hate on those movies (just like I get that it's cool to hate on those movies) but this looks like a raunch-com about pregnancy I saw ZERO of the schmaltzy serendipity that makes up V-Day. Instead, I see legit, widely adored / respected comedians like Rebel Wilson (ie, That Girl From Bridesmaids) and Chris Rock and Elizabeth Banks (30 Rock, anyone?) in a movie with big stars like Cameron, Quaid, J-Lo, etc.Hating on a movie for being ensemble is like hating on a movie for being in color or being a talkie. Call me crazy but I LIKE seeing large casts filled with talented actors I guess I'm old fashioned.


OMG I can't believe Charlie did this!! Check out this video : http://ow.ly/7uANt


Looking foward to seeing Joe manganielllo on Two and Half MEN.
Should be interesting! Want to see if he could do comedy.


Wow cbs is Gettin so many new cast and guest to come this sesson. I want to see him back on how i met your mother

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Alan: What's the forecast?
Charlie: High tonight, low tomorrow, 100% chance of hangover.

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Alan: But that guy is never me.