2 Broke Girls Receives Full Season Order

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2 Broke Girls is making good money for CBS.

The network has picked up this sitcom, which stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs as a pair of friends struggling in the city, for a full season.

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The Monday night series premiered after the Two and a Half Men season nine opener and has maintained a strong audience ever since, earning 11.5 million viewers and a 4.5 adult demographic rating this week.

It's the fourth freshman comedy to be renewed, following Fox's New Girl and NBC's Whitney and Up All Night.


i like 2 broke girls its funny and getting interesting now for 2 n a half men it needs some help and new girl is funny also love it


I've tried to like this show but I just don't. The jokes are so staged and the timing is out of whack. Kat Dennings is too over-the-top abrassive, and the secondary characters are all lame. Definitely a lucky benfactor of a good time slot.


i watch it, but not really a big fan of it. my main issue with it is the dynamic between the two girls. IMHO for the series to have any serious longevity their relationship needs to be more symbiotic than it currently is. I will admit that the two do have a certain amount of chemistry but right now it is way too much give [on kats side] and not enough take. If this is not changed soon people are gonna start asking the big questions i.e. Why is kat even putting up with her?. I was hoping for this at the end of the episode where beth stole kat's break-up b!tch-out but after beth just came crawling back i again had to ask "why is kat putting up with her?" In every "odd-couple" scenario some way or another the relationship is relatively even but this one is too one sided and im calling it now the season finale is going to involve some sort of crisis [most likely something to do with beth] thats going to drain most/all of their savings, my money's split between a "save the diner" storyline and a "save the horse" one p.s. im guessing we are just supposed to assume kat was working at that diner indefinitely, well at least for awhile. So another big question i have is "what was kat doing with her all her disposable income before she met beth/cupcake idea?" B/c now she is devoting a couple hundred to the cupcake business a week so what was she doing with that money before.


it will be a nice replacement for Two and a Half Men. It's no good without Charlie Sheen.


It needs major cast changes. Dennings and Behrs are good though.


wohooo!!! im so happy for them

Uncle jackass

In some ways it really is better than the rival Two and Half men series at its current state. In others, it needs some tweaking.

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