2 Broke Girls Review: Crossing Too Many Lines?

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Tonight's "And Strokes of Goodwill" started out promising.

I had a few hearty guffaws in the first nine minutes. The laugh caught in the back of my throat, tickling some uncomfortable feelings, when the first ethnic group-based "joke" was uttered. I put "joke" in the quotation marks because it fell flat for me, and also made me do a double-take. Wow. Brazen. There was nothing elegant about that one, and there was nothing elegant about the rest of the episode, either.

Before I talk about this installment's many missteps, let me talk about the good stuff first.

Cheers to 2 Broke Girls!

The Good. The first nine minutes. Yes, the usual (and baffling) racial caricatures made their appearance, one after the other, as if the creative team still hasn't figured out how unfunny they are. I managed to ignore it.

The banter in the restaurant between the two girls, as well as the first few minutes in the Goodwill store, were what I considered good comedy. I honestly even thought to myself: yes, they are really giving this show some heart. As Caroline stands in the store holding the shoes she donated, her face crumples. She starts to realize the seriousness of how far she's fallen. How diminished her status is. 

Max, instead of going "there, there" offering awkward comfort, turns around and runs away. When Caroline confronts her, Max tells Caroline that soon she'll learn to mourn in the inside. That's what Max had to learn to do. There was no one to "there, there" her in her life. It was a true-to-character reaction. Very Max, and quite funny. It would have been quite a bummer if they got serious all of a sudden on this show. They touched on the serious briefly, and then went right back to comedy.

Unfortunately, that  didn't last long.

The Bad. I want to like 2 Broke Girls. I do! But why did it have to lose any semblance of sensitivity tonight? There I was watching, laughing, enjoying, and then... BOOM! Puerto Rican slur. BAM! Black drag queens. WHAM! Cambodian strippers. One of them could have been funny. Taken all together they were overkill, and they murdered my own goodwill. I sat there agog, the racial profiling jarring me out of anything else that may have been funny (which wasn't much).

On top of that was the excessive use of the B-word, in both English and Spanish. For some reason, the Spanish version sounded even more offensive. I'm no prude. I watch plenty of R-rated shows. I enjoy HBO, and Showtime. I'll admit to laughing at 2 Broke Girls' orgasm jokes, although last week's was better than tonight's.

However, in a sitcom like this, I do think that the use of any profanity (and sexual jokes) should first be clever, and second judicious. You just run the risk of shocking an audience for no good reason. You also run the risk of turning off even more of the audience who would otherwise give plenty of leeway, had the clever and judicious rule been followed.

The show needs to right a lot of its wrongs tonight. And they really, really need to do something about those three walking stereotypes that work with them in the restaurant. They have such a great lead in Kat Dennings, and a pretty good co-star in Beth Behrs. I would hate to see them squander that. Johnny, the bartender introduced tonight, is a step in the right direction. Let's see more of him in the future, and less of the co-workers.

More comedy that doesn't offend different demographics would be nice, too. At least there were some funny lines, though. Here are some of them.


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"2 Broke Girls is a cesspool of Anti-Polish Bigotry and hatred. As a newcomer to these media sites I am shocked to see how much Anti-Polish Bigotry there is in the media. Its quite shameful since I have always known the Poles as being a PRO-American nation. Poles were the first to decode the Nazi German Enigma Code..that the propaganda movie "Imitation Game" gave them NO credit for. The Poles also contributed greatly in the "Battle of Britain" with their Polish Sqaudron 303. These were great Polish contributions to defeating the Nazi Germans....so why in hell are the "American" producers of "2 Broke Girls" so damn hateful towards Polish people? Also its disgusting that the "American" CBS-TV CEO Les Moonves allows all of this anti-Polish bigotry and hatred on his TV network. It seems CBS-TV CEO Les Moonves is an Anti-Polish Bigot. What is wrong with these CBS-TV People? Why are they such Anti-Polish Bigots and racists?


CBS-TV should be ashamed of its vile malicious Anti-Polish bigotry and prejudice. Is "2 Broke Girls" suppose to be another show that's suppose to "tackle ethnic Bigotry" like the CBS-TV Anti-Polish Bigots said about its old Anti-Polish show "All in the Family"? CBS-TV's "All in the Family" only spread anti-Polish slurs and hate jokes into America which created an atmosphere of prejudice and hostility against Polish Americans. It seems the CBS-TV Anti-Polish Bigots are trying to spread more Anti-Polish Bigotry with their "2 Broke Girls".


Lately, "2 Broke Girls" is filled with Anti-Polish slurs and bigotry.


I love this show because of the stereotypes. Look around you and you will see people everyday that are just like the coworkers in the diner. I live in San Jose, California an area that has a rainbow of ethnicities and I see these people everyday, they have thick accents and live up to pretty much all of the stereotypes of their individual races. Jokes are just that, Jokes and if they offend you then you don't have much of a sense of humor to begin with.


"2 Broke Girls" started off very promising: solid pilot episode and huge ratings due to its premiere being on after "2 1/2 Men". I even had hopes of a truly ground-breaking sitcom that actually mirrored contemporary times.
Three weeks later and after the dust has settled, what we have is just an average sitcom. Like Kris Hekmi, I was uncomfortable with the broad stereotype characters. The young Asian man who owns the Williamsburg Diner approaches minstrel show mimicry. A karaoke machine in the diner? Really? Thick accent & malaprops. Really ? Then there's the cook whose only function is to proposition the waitresses. A stock, one-dimensional character; sitcomy in the worst sense of the word.
And they keep a horse in the backyard. Once all the horse manure jokes dry up, what will they do with the horse ? It has to be a nightmare for production to stage a sitcom with a horse on the soundstage. From the viewers standpoint, Chestnut the horse adds nothing.
I haven't even addressed the somewhat questionable taste of the jokes. Monday's episode had a sight gag referencing oral sex. The pilot episode had a joke with a punch line about vaginal dryness.


the jokes - the good, bad and the ugly - are no different than what's on How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men. Why the outrage when women say them?


"" Stop fighting it, Just give into it," I don't know why I'm quoting a rapist." hahahah. A joke on last night's show about a quote from a rapist? That's supposed to be funny? That is crossing the line. There's something really wrong with that.


The bartender is already the third most interesting character on the series! The horse is more interesting than the cook. It's a bit too abrasive I guess. My interest in the show: 65% Dennings, 30% Behrs, 5% horse and anyone besides the 3 caricatures that work in the diner.


i loved this episode, period!


"Stand up comics make fun of any race, color or creed." Yeah. Usually THEIRS, dumbass. Making fun of race when you are the whitest of the white bread? UGH. STFU already. Disgusting show. I wouldn't be surprised if it took the place of 2 and half men though; that show is equally offensive, misogynistic, ridiculous, and just plain dumb.

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