2 Broke Girls Review: A First Time for Everything

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This was one of the more likable offering of the season so far for 2 Broke Girls, as the writers really attempted to shape the two leads into three-dimensional, fully-realized characters.

It's a bit crazy that a sitcom that drops the B-word so often, and makes sexual jokes without any hesitation, can tug at my heartstrings as "And the Rich People Problems" did.

Ogling Max

Hate it or love it, the show-runners have given both leads a helluva mouth. And not the dainty, cutesy kind of mouths that only giggle and sing sugary stuff but the kind that curses and makes crass jokes. I mention it because I've seen feedback on how "crass" the two girls are. I admit last week's episode kind of jarred me a bit with the B-word. I think I would have forgiven it, though, if I hadn't found the ethnic jokes puzzling, unfunny, and borderline offensive. 

Tonight was different. Tonight, I found myself laughing and really connecting with the characters.

The Good. Kat Dennings was on fire tonight! Like the kind of jokes this show delivers, you either hate her or love her. I happen to like Dennings' dry way of delivering a line, her cynical edge, the curve of her lips that straddle the fine line between a smile and smirk at times. Yes, she's the same here as she has been on most projects, but that's fine by me. She turned Max into a very relatable character this week, getting her first glimpse of Caroline's old, privileged existence.

There was a lot of "firsts" overall. First time that Max tasted sushi. First time that Caroline had to eat bad sushi (I cringed as that corner deli sushi neared their mouth... I've had my first bad sushi experience, too). First time Max realized the life Caroline had to sacrifice through no fault of her own. First time Max showed respect towards Caroline. And the most important first: first time the girls danced their booty off, complete with tootsie rolls and crumping (think of the gifs!).

(An important aside: that excellent song playing during their dance bonding was the single "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend" by Black Kids, which I am currently playing on loop while writing this).

This was also the first time that I thought the show might be heading in the right direction. OH-EM-GEE, I may actually like this long-term!

I also thought that this was Beth Behrs' strongest showcase so far, probably because she was given a much richer character to play. Yes, it's kind of a cliche to give the rich girl a woe-is-me story to tug at our heartstrings. But I'll take that cliche over the Valley Girl ones, which set my teeth on edge so bad in the past that I needed a bite-guard myself. In any case, the revelations tonight gave Caroline a much more likable, respectable characterization. Enough that Max was actually compelled to vocalize her admiration by calling her a "bad ass." And the respect was well-deserved. Caroline has had a lot to give up. And just think what poor Chestnut had to give up too!

The Bad. Larry, Curly, and Moe. I have no idea what their actual character names are because I haven't bothered to learn them. I kept hoping they'll go away, but I might have to tolerate them for a little longer as they show no signs of leaving.

Tonight delivered a lot of laughs for me, many moments that I connected with, and a dance montage. In other words, it was a win. What did you think of the episode? And while you think on it, read some of tonight's funnier quotes.


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Kris hekmi

Jessica, re: name of song. It's in the review


Can someone PLEASE tell me the name of the song they dance when Max is originally in the tub??


And I agree with Kate...the males are stinking up the show.


Okay...I have to reply first to Sean Grimes. I have known dozens of seperate sets of people who own horses and none of them are well off. They are people who love horses and allocate any "disposable" income [cable tv, going to the movies, internet, cell phone, vacations, owning a car from the current decade, living somewhere on a paved road, etc.] to the care, feeding and lodging of their very loved and cared for horses.
Anyway...As a fan of TV personalities I couldn't spend 2 minutes in a RL room with, I'm loving Max more and more with every passing episode. Her opinion on karaoke sealed it...I HATE karaoke!!!
She's snarky, sarcastic, witty and caustic to all the right people at all the right times.
Caroline is a beautiful match to Max in that she's Max's polar opposite who carries her blue blood, top shelf, high-flutin' upbringing without a Paris Hilton "Who the F are you and why are you looking at me" attitude.


The three male characters are beyond HORRIBLE. Lousy acting (yes that includes you, Garrett Morris), and horrifyingly unfunny. I have nothing against racial humor, so that's not my problem at all. They're just COMPLETE and utter TORTURE. They're killing the show. And yeah, as someone above said, SELL THE DAMN HORSE! Horses are worth a fortune.


I want to like this show but it just keeps falling short of being really likable to me. Kat's character is just too consistently smart-mouthed, almost as if every line they give her has to be a smart come-back or get a laugh...and it's just too one sided with that type of dialogue. There are also too many unnecessary characters in this show (Oleg, their boss, and the horse.) I mean really...a horse??? These are supposed to be two BROKE girls, and they are keeping a show-horse in the tiny back yard of an apartment...are we supposed to believe the horse (that has to be taken out for a walk to do it's business) is eating scraps??? This show does not have staying power as it is...really lame (no horse-pun intended.)


I so want to like this show because I'm told I should but I really think it is so forced.

Kris hekmi

Thanks for the feedback everyone. A special hi to Nick *waves* Also Martin, your comment cracked me up.


Agreed with the review. I think Max is getting a bit boring whereas Caroline's getting more interesting. The horse should have been sold. Oleg got the most lines yet without any noticeable improvement. Watching Lee have so much screentime was painful. If one replaced the three cardboard cutouts with actual cutouts, the show would be much better.


I really like 2 broke girls. Its been shaky sure but what new show isn't? They need to find the pace and actors need to bond but thats typical. Fair enough our supporting cast arn't exactly the best characters but hopefully they will find there feeting. The boss is begining to annoy me though and i hope they give him better lines/ storys.. Tonight was its best episode and i look forward to next week! But all of CBS comedys were good tonight. Two and a Half Men worked for the first time, Mike and Molly had jokes you could see a mile off but then would have funny lines you didnt see and HIMYM Barney was on fire tonight, like old barney, not new, feelings barney!

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2 Broke Girls Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You can't give hipsters a microphone, that's like throwing gasoline on a pretentious fire!


Caroline: Sushi! I hope you like crabroll.
Max: I never had sushi.
Caroline: That doesn't even make sense.