90210 Clip: Halloween with Holly

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Revenge is more than just a fantastic new show on ABC.

It's also what Holly will be seeking next week on 90210.

In the following clip from Tuesday's Halloween special, Naomi will try to make peace with her on-campus rival, but both young women will go into their new partnership with an agenda. See what we mean now:

Elsewhere on the episode:

Look for Navid to run into a problem when trying to bring down his uncle; Silver to discover a secret about Marissa Harris-Young; Adrianna to literally cuff herself to Dixon; and Perez Hilton to make a cameo.

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Mark DeFields how could you complain about that?! Naomi is literally the ONLY redeeming character left on this horrid show. I only watch for her at this point, everyone else is completely uninteresting.


(*sarcasm*) What a surprise. It's a Naomi clip.


I'm gonna kill Dixon.


I too get ornery.

Naomi [kicking table]