90210 Exclusive: Jessica Lowndes on Adrianna's Number-One Goal

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Jessica Lowndes knows what many fans think of her character on 90210. She's well aware that some viewers might believe it's impossible to redeem Adrianna, considering what the actress herself describes as the "very dark, intense" path she went down on season three.

But just keep watching, Lowndes told me over the phone last week. Adrianna has nothing but pure intentions going forward.

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"She has an addictive personality and she just lost it when she lost Navid," Lowndes said of Adrianna's downfall. "She truly couldn't imagine life without him."

But this year?

"She really is sorry. She feels terrible. Her number-one goal is to earn back the trust of her friends, especially Silver."

How will Adrianna go about fulfilling this apologetic mission? Look for the character to pick up a microphone again on this week's "Benefit of the Doubt," belting out a single titled "Fool," which is actually a track sang by Lowndes herself, marking her first-ever iTunes release.

"Last year, Adrianna was too fame driven," the actress says. "She wasn't really about the music. But this year it comes from a truthful honest place. The lyrics will really hit Silver."

Still, might another obstacle get in the way of a Silver/Adrianna friendship? Rumors of the latter getting very close with Dixon have heated up over the last few weeks, a coupling Lowndes neither confirms nor denies. Well, she sort of confirms it.

"He's struggling with addiction and Adrianna is an expert in that department," Lowndes says. "They also share a bond going back to last season because Dixon used to date Silver, and Adrianna dated Navid, and then those two got together. So that connection draws them close."

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i dont know why i keep thinking than Navid and Silver are gonna be jealous for the relationship of dixianna and they are gonna be realize that Navid loves Adrianna .and Silver loves Dixon


i dont know why i keep thinking than Navid and Silver are gonna be jealous for the relationsip of dixianna and they are gonna be realize that Navid loves Adrianna and Silver Dixon


I adored Navade and since we've got new showrunners, I'm open to a reunion.


@ CourtzOLobster: I think the general opinion among 90210 viewers was that NavAde were a great couple in season 1, a decent couple in season 2, and a complete nightmare in season 3. I used to adore NavAde, but I just feel like their relationship has now been damaged beyond repair. As far as Silver and Nilver's popularity is concerned, I think it all depends on which 90210 forum you visit. Some of them seem to adore Silver and Nilver while others seem to despise them.


Just wondering am I the only one who loved Navid and Adrianna together and hates Navid with Silver? Actually I just hate Silver's character I liked her up until Season two when all of sudden she hated Annie and was best friends with Naomi after everything that went down in Season one.


Anyways, between Navid and Silver, I fail to understand why everyone here is so convinced that Silver's going to be the jealous one. She hasn't given a crap about Dixon for more than two years now, and she never loved him as much as Navid loved Adrianna.


I'm probably in the minority here, but I wish the writers would just let go of Sixon and NavAde. To me, it felt like Sixon were finished by the second half of season 1 and NavAde were finished by the beginning of season 3. After everything that's happened between these couples, I think it would be very unrealistic if either of them reunited. Add to that the fact that we're talking about two high school couples here, and it's not like they've had children together. With good writing, I think Dixianna could be a winner. In these first few episodes of season 4, they've been more likeable than Nilver have ever been.


Adrianna's in redeeming mode. But from all I've seen she's entertaining w/ Dixon. melissa, from the bottom of my heart Silver can go fly a kite.


I still want Sixon, but not opposed to a Dixon/Ade pairing
but I want Sixon TO BE ENDGAME.


I love it! BTW @Dexter I'm on S3 epi. 13 Liars.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.