90210 Review: Lame Political Games

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They say politics is a dirty game. They also say it's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game that matters. But all these cliches meant little because "Party Politics" was one shindig I did not want to attend.

Silver and Navid just wanted to get busy and convinced Annie to babysit bratty Leila. Why did Leila need babysitting? She's 17 going on 40. All was going as planned until Silver discovered the big bag of money Navid had hidden. Silver then became all high and mighty and told Navid she couldn't be with him anymore. Must be nice in that ivory tower, huh, Silver?

Welcome, Brandi

Naomi and Austin's chemistry continued to boil to a simmer. All roads were leading to the usual place until Naomi decided to blow off Austin and stick with Max. First, Austin needs to get rid of that stupid cowboy hat. We get it. You're the country hick. Second, I was supposed to believe that Austin actually had feelings for Naomi. Really? Does anyone buy this? Please.

But the fact that within the span of 45 minutes Naomi went from all hot and bothered to realizing she had no feelings for Austin seemed blatantly fake. Even for her.

While I did like the whole Strip The Vote voter registration schtick, I started to get the feeling that Max will be riding off into the sunset soon. He seems so last season all of a sudden. And I just couldn't get over the feeling that our crazy Naomi was lying when she confessed to Max that she had no feelings for Austin. We'll see about that.

Elsewhere, Annie was blackmailed by Leila when the little brat discovered what kind of a date Annie was really on and asked for a cut of Annie's profits. Spoken like the true scammer that she is. What I wanted to know was why Annie all of a sudden was cowering in fear and begging Leila not to expose her secret. Who cares? Annie hasn't exactly been Polly Pureheart as I recall.

Teddy continued his long goodbye and chose family over love when he decided to campaign for his homophobe uncle. Bug-eyed Brandy Norwood played the young politician, Marissa Harris-Young, who was running against sleazy Uncle Charles. I'm not quite sure why the writers keep torturing poor Teddy with his dismal choices but I did not believe for one second that Teddy would give up a chance at a hot romance with Shane, his Barcelona flame.

Uncle Charles should hook up with Uncle Amal and they should both ride off take their act somewhere else together. It's almost like those characters were brought into the BH mix just to say there are two adults on the show. They must be having a sleazy uncle special in Beverly Hills.

Dixon went from being a tweaked out turd to becoming Cobra Starship's favorite new star of the month. Courtesy, of course, of Adrianna who invited the band to perform at Naomi's Strip The Vote party. And I'm sure next week we'll see Dixon crashing and burning a la Adrianna last year. And then these two will get together, reports say.

Speaking of Adrianna, she needs to either get a new job or find a new zip code because she's being woefully underused this season. Wildcat Adrianna was infinitely more interesting than this watered down version.

And, thankfully, the whole Liam and Jane thing fizzled out. Jane's dead husband, Jim, came back from the beyond and reclaimed his woman like the true Neanderthal he seemed to be. Jim and Liam got in a fistfight over Jane (because yes, she was all that... not!) and then became friends again. And then just like that, Jane and Jim were gone.

Let's hope next week - which appears to be an especially dramatic episode - brings the crazy because these politics were just lame.


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i hope tht liam nd annie get bak together i lurrrvvv 90210 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


wow really? cmon the storylines are FAR better than the old writer


Ewwwwww on that last prediction @Dexter. Srsly I'd just stop watching at that point. I get Silver and Liam or Naomi, but Adrianna doesn't need this on her track record as a character. I have no desire to watch that. Let that start and I promise it'll be the last episode of this edition of 90210 that I take a chance at viewing. Ok so Ade and Dixon you got my attention. As soon as I feel the CW Titanic of writing crappy drama coming I'll jump off again.


@Zoey: Not a problem. Smart move! Season 3 was really good. It's worth the watch. As for Adrianna and Dixon being a OTP, I don't think it'll last, but I hope it does! They remind of the David and Valerie from the original series and I loved them. So I hope it does last. I highly doubt that Liam and Adrianna will get together, however, now that she works at his bar, I can predict a drunken Liam and possible heartbroken Adrianna sleeping together in the 2nd half of the season.


tbh, 90210 is getting boring now. hope this would be the final season.


@Dexter thank you for that rundown. I do have the DVD from my friend. So are they going OTP w/ Ade and Dixon? or is he just some in between for them to move her to Liam? which at that point not watching is my response. Thanks for the info though. :)


ok... after this episode I can easily say that season 3 was vastly superior to this season! Take some hints new show writers: get rid of Austin (He's a douche), stop making dumb dramatic storylines that lead NO WHERE ala Liam's storline, STOP making characters do stupid things that are uncharacteristic like Annie freaking out about being known as an escort... who cares! Navid allowing his uncle to do the car theft thing, the entire storyline of Naomi, Austin and Max (This season is messing up Naomi and Max), and bring back Silver's season 1 uniqueness and stop making her all high and mighty!


@Zoey: It began at the very end of episode 1 of season 4. The show was taken over by new showrunners and that's most likely why these characters have been brought together. We're on episode 5, so if you watch it online, you can pick up on the character development between them. But I'll give you a quick lowdown. Basically she was shunned from the group since the events of season 3 (you can follow up with this by renting them at your local DVD store), but she had a brief flirtation with Dixon's new roommate and that's how Dixon and Adrianna were first introduced with being friends again, which later on resulted in him getting her a job at Liam's bar, which allowed her to have two friends in the group; Dixon and Liam. Ever since, they've been casually bumping into each other and such, allowing them to talk and such. Tonight's episode basically had a lot to do with them being closer, as Adrianna had a resource in the music business and which resulted in Dixon's album being given to him and being known as the "Song of the Month" on a website or something, thus resulting in a closer bond between them. Not to mention, Dixon's getting an addiction to ADD drugs and Adrianna is going to help him kick it.


Ade and Dixon where have you've been? I usually watch Glee and turned on 90210 tonight. I haven't followed this show since S2. When did Adrianna and Dixon start? someone tell me, they have all what's needed for a true love pairing. Very rare on primietime CW TV.


"Wildcat Adrianna was infinitely more interesting than this watered down version." There's just no winning from you guys at TV Fanatic, is there? Last season, you shunned her for being too evil. Now, you're shunning her for not being evil enough.

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Jane: Jim!
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I'm gonna put new meaning behind the phrase "political party".


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