90210 Spoilers: Who is Coupling Up?

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Two characters on 90210 will soon be a "bona fide couple," according to a reliable source. Stop reading right now if you don't wish to discover their identities, which are...

Adrianna and Dixon!

No other details are available at this time, but the latest E! News Spoiler Chat simply states that Dixon will get together with a girl whose name "starts and ends with A." Not hard to decipher that clue, is it?

We can't imagine this going over well with Silver, but what about with you, TV Fanatics? Sound off on the Dixon and Adrianna pairing (Dianna?) below and/or in our 90210 forum!


@AdriannaNavid I don't read 90210 spoilers. I just never bothered or cared about the show after Liomi and Sixon were broke., I stopped watching S2 trying to catch up this week, the only reason I tuned in to 90210 this week was because GLEE wasn't on and I was literally shocked that Adrianna and Dixon had scenes together on Tues., when has that ever happened. So anything right now about Ade & Dixon is a shocker to me. I didn't see this coming, nowhere do I see people on my twitter saying they saw it coming. @mhgreen from what I hear from some people unless they are lieing to me because I have yet to watch half of S2 and all of S3. Silver doesn't even care about Dixon anymore. And I've been thinking if the show was any good they'd have someone swoop in and claim him from her, now I hear Adrianna is that someone and guess what I'm tuning in to watch that happen and hoping love is in the air with those two because boy do they have sparks. And not sparks in the temporary version, long lasting sparks and great chemistry without sex hinted scenes.


I think people want Sixon to reunite because back in the days when 90210 actually tried to provide some character development for others outside of Naomi, they were the most authentic characters on the show and as such they had what seemed like the most genuine relationship on the show. You had Silver who was the independent rebel outsider and Dixon the guy who was thrust into a new situation and was different from everyone else because of his surroundings. One of them never wanted to fit in and the other couldn't fit in. They were similar enough that the audience found them believable but different enough so that they weren't boring. Until the new producer got a hold of them they were the best thing about the show, however she seemed to not like them together for whatever reason and changed them to the point where I don't even recognize Silver after the first couple of episodes of season 2 and it seemed like they gave up doing anything with Dixon from the end middle of season 2 until now. They could have just saved their money last season and not had Tristan Wilds in the show as they gave him absolutely nothing to do. The fact that people still talk about Sixon going on three seasons now since they were together is a testament to how endearing they were. I don't see anyone, for the most part, ever bringing up Dixon and Ivy, Naomi and Liam, Teddy and Silver, or even Liam and Annie as much as they do Sixon.


@Tina: I mentioned the David and Valerie couple, because it seems about right as these two characters match up to their personality's more than any other characters on the show. David and Valerie really were the best couple on that show! Adrianna and Dixon = Addixon.


Or it could be Annie, lol! Dixon and Ade can't relly come as a shocker for anyone, given all the time they've spent together recently, bonding over music -and as for next week, pills? PLUS Adrianna practically bangs anything that moves, so yeah, not a shocker at all -but a nice development -at least it's new and fresh.


Dixon and Adrianna is very cute :)


ok... so who DIDN'T see this coming? they made it pretty obvious in the first episode of this season! idk how i feel about Addixon... they seem cute and all but i was always an Adrianna+Navid shipper. then again after Navid's cheating ways last season i will have to agree with @Dexter Idolizer, Karma's a BITCH! =D


I also hate how in the show they refer to each other as friends. Teddy is her EX. But I wonder how it would go if Silver introduced a new boyfriend to Dixon's circle of friends: So this is Dixon, my ex. This is Navid, his best friend, another one of my exes. This is their gay friend Teddy, who OH LOOK, is also my ex! And this is Liam.


I don't even REMEMBER Silver and Dixon, with how long ago it was. But Silver is, on paper, a whore. I mean she went with Dixon's friends Ethan, Teddy, and Navid. The only one left on the list is Liam. Get on it, Silver! Ade is crazy. Dixon is sweet, well, he has that smile. Let's see what mix we get, shall we? I'm interested.


I WAS a Sixon shipper...but the writers have ruined the idea of them ever being an end-game couple. They ran Silver through gay Teddy and lame-ass Navid...SERIOUSLY!?! Meanwhile...they shoved Dixon in the background with irrelevant pairings and even more irrelevant storylines...SORRY!Too much shit has happened.. the idea of them ever getting back together is LUDICROUS....but then again, this is 90210


Silver was none of those things before Rebecca got her hands on her. Just like Navid wasn't a cheater, Adrianna wasn't a pill-switching cheater, and so on and so forth. Rebecca destroyed Sixon, Navianna, Liomi, and almost every other couple. Now that she's gone, I understand why they want a Sixon reunion. Gabe and Sachs did a wonderful jobs with them. It's not Sixon fans' fault Rebecca didn't.

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