90210 Spoilers: Who is Coupling Up?

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Two characters on 90210 will soon be a "bona fide couple," according to a reliable source. Stop reading right now if you don't wish to discover their identities, which are...

Adrianna and Dixon!

No other details are available at this time, but the latest E! News Spoiler Chat simply states that Dixon will get together with a girl whose name "starts and ends with A." Not hard to decipher that clue, is it?

We can't imagine this going over well with Silver, but what about with you, TV Fanatics? Sound off on the Dixon and Adrianna pairing (Dianna?) below and/or in our 90210 forum!


I don't understand why everyone's so eager for a Sixon reunion. When they were together, Silver treated Dixon like garbage. Their relationship was always about doing what she wanted to do, and she always crapped all over everything he liked. After they broke up, she treated him even worse. For more than two years, Dixon's had to watch Silver date pretty much all of his friends. She clearly doesn't care how he feels about this, and she certainly doesn't hesitate to shove her tongue down the throat of the friend in question while Dixon's present. Dixon still takes care of Silver better than anyone else, but does she show any appreciation for it? Dixon deserves much better than this hypocritical, homewrecking man-eater called Silver.


Tristan is so much hotter with Jessica L. Sixon was cute, but these two, did someone say David and Valerie because that was a great couple, what are they calling them?


Sixon fans ask them to come back every season. They never did get that second chance EVERY other couple has gotten. And Tristan and Jessica Stroup still ship them. :)


Ade and Liam suck, she's better with Dixon, has more chemistry w/ Dixon. Count me in the karma is a bitch brigade and I've wanted these two since her fame storyline began.


I want Dixon with Silver :'( Bring Back Sixon!!!




@ Dexter Idolizer: the couple names for Dixon and Adrianna are Addixon, Addixs, Dianna, and Dixianna. I highly doubt that everyone will ever agree on just one of these names.


NavAde's the past and Dixianna's the future.


@Dexter Idolizer, Yes, ! (blank stare) LOL


Am I the only one who prefers Addixon over Dixianna and Dianna?

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Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.