90210 to Welcome Brandy Norwood: Official Preview

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The games began this week on 90210, as Naomi was pleasantly surprised by a blast from her romantic past.

Looking ahead to next Tuesday night, though, the focus will be more on a debut than a return. Brandi Norwood will show up on "Party Politics," as the singer takes on the role of Marissa Harris-Young, a candidate for public office who asks Silver to make a campaign video.

Elsewhere: Teddy runs into an ex, while a surprise visitor threatens to break apart Liam and Jane. As for Naomi? She utters a single sentence in this preview that makes it clear what happens between her and Austin:


@MaxNaomiLuver Totally agreeing with you. As I've seen, it's a trend among many watchers to root for sex rather than love.
I have never seen Naomi so in love during the whole tv show than when she was with Max. If they make her ditch Max for Austin, not only would it be rather unbelievable considering how happy she was to see him again, but also very stupid because she also had great chemistry with him.
I do admit Austin and her had great moments but it's not screaming relationship to me.


Push Max to leave?? Or step up his game? Based on pics/spoilers I've seen for an upcoming shows, I wouldn't write him off just yet. He's waited months to have his girl back, I don't think he's going to let her go without a fight. Don't forget Max and Naomi's relationship was already tested a few times in season 3. Think what you want about Max, but Naomi already described him as "the love of her life". Austin might be fun for a while, but look at the way he ditched Holly, he could do the same thing to Naomi.


about politics? ew.. boringgggg....


How on EARTH does Navid's sister even KNOW Annie? I highly doubt they've ever met!
And yes Navid! I do want you to go to Jail! GTFO THE SHOW!
I loved Naomi and Max, but they're last season. Bring on her and Austin!
Yawn! Liam's issues need to leave. I can't stand Jane and her (apparent) dead husband.


Annie getting more dirt under her nails and a political scandal in 90210? LOVE it! PLUS Naomi's Cowboy-hookup might just be the push Max need to LEAVE. Weee, can't wait!!! It REALLY has helped the show that new writers have come abord!

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