American Horror Story Scoop from Ryan Murphy: Now What?

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Well, it's definitely different.

That's one universal reaction to American Horror Story, which premiered on FX last night to varied opinions. Did you find it frightening and intriguing? Or simply a jumbled mess without a direction? Our editor-in-chief weighs in HERE.

As for what's ahead, creator Ryan Murphy chatted with Entertainment Weekly and touched on a number of mysteries from the pilot. To wit:

Will we learn more about Constance having already murdered the main? "It’s the whole third episode. We find out why she killed her."

Did the person in the rubber suit knock up Vivian? "You very quickly find out that not all is well with this pregnancy and who you think is the father is not."

What will go down on "Home Invasion" next Wednesday night? "It’s about what would you do if you moved into a place, somebody broke in, and you survived? Would you look at your house as a place of survival or a place of hauntedness? What would you do? Would you get out or would you stay? "

Read the full interview now and then vote in our poll: What did you think of the premiere?


Don't quit your day job and become a critic.


I love all the actors - based on their body of work. But I really can't say much about the script and plot; not frightening enough for a horror movie; producers trying too hard to be stylish/different but failing miserably to get their point across.
I don't usually do this, but will give it another viewing and decide whether I'd want to continue following this series. Again, this decision is only because of the actors - certainly not the show in itself.
Unless something is done quickly to make the show more engaging (McDermott's can only do so much in exposing his tush), it's on it's way to a sad ending.


Show stunk. I understand what they were going for but it fell flat on its face. Everything from the acting to the background music was awful.

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