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American Horror Story to Celebrate Halloween, Welcome Zahcary Quinto

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American Horror Story upped the creepy ante last night, introducing to ghosts and delving into the history of the Harmons' new home.

Next Wednesday, meanwhile, the drama will celebrate Halloween on part one of a two-hour installment that promises to be more frightening than any we've seen yet. The episode will also introduce viewers to Zachary Quinto, who shows up as the house's previous owner.

But wasn't he killed? Will he be a ghost? Watch the official FX trailer now:

American Horror Story continues to slay it in the ratings game. Over 2.5 million households tuned in this week, leading to a five percent overall gain from episode number-two.

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Larry, the burned killer, is seen on the streets & at the park. If Constance is dead as well, it wouldn't be improbable for her to be on the street. Love how this show is getting "Lost" with us. Every week is more mysterious. I really hope they keep it up.


Constance is in the street? Unless it's a flashback does that mean she's alive?

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Gloria: Where are you going?
Dandy: I don't know. Maybe St. Petersburg where they have real caramel corn, not that cardboard
they sell at the freak show!

Your silence is utterly provocative, but you'll have to earn your keep, Clown.

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