Bellamy Young to Play Hotch Love Interest on Criminal Minds?

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Actress Bellamy Young will guest in an upcoming episode of Criminal Minds as Beth, a museum curator who meets Hotch (Thomas Gibson) in the park while he’s training for triathalon.

Showrunner Erica Messer has teased a new romance for one of the agents this season, but has offered few details on who it is. This would appear to be a pretty good guess, however.

Messer has also hinted that she wanted this season to see a new beginning for Hotch, whose ex-wife was killed a few season ago. Might that new beginning come in the form of Beth?

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Young may be familiar from CSI: Miami, Scrubs and other shows.

“Hotch has been going through the motions of raising a child as a single working parent and mourning the loss of a great love,” she told Entertainment Weekly last month.

“Even though he and Haley were divorced, she was his first love, his life and all that. We’d really like him to smile again and let go of that. It’s going to be new and exciting for all of us and the audience.”

Young is also set to appear in the upcoming Shonda Rhimes-produced Scandal.


Beth is either a mole sent in by Agent Cramer (from Lauren) or she is the Reaper's sister. She also has a the stressor, which is her father's death just a few months ago. It's coming people. Ever wonder why they never have anyone on the team without it being someone in the FBI or the police force, that understand the job? Because when they do, they ditch them somehow. I hate to see it happen. I want Hotch happy, but she has blown him away fast and it's the first woman he has met since Haley, so he is very vulnerable at this time and his judgement will be cloudy. :( However, I don't think she will physically hurt anyone or at least not badly. I think she will be found out before she does. Or it could be that she was sent in as a spy, but will fall for him anyway, kinda like Emily. I think she cared for Ian somewhat.


Leave hotch alone give Morgan @ Garcia a chance


I think Beth should be the reaper sister bent on revenge against Hotch. I agree he needs someone but personally i just dont like the way they met. I think Beth is up to no good,. I think Reid and JJ make a better match and Prentiss and Rossi together and Morgan and Gracia together. Personally i would love to be Hotches new leading lady on and off the show man is he ever the hot one.


I think Hotch stopped smiling when he was married to that negative vibe nag Haley. I'm sorry she died and Jack is motherless, but please let that darling Hotch find someone who appreciates him and his valuable job.


I've read several times now that Hotch should be with JJ! Don't people watch this show? She's already 'married with child'!! With Prentiss - no way - Prentiss/Morgan UGH! NO! And Prentiss/Rossi?? Yuk! Prentiss is awesome by is Hotch...and I think Beth is bad news too...The Reaper's sister? Could very well be :S


Hotchner's new girl friend is the sister of the Reaper.


Hotch is my favourite character. I think a romantic entanglement would take away from his stern, professional demeanour. I say they should leave things as they are. Afterall, it's not real life. I'd hate to see the excellent characters compromised by adding unnecessary baggage. In fact, what I've always liked about this show is the fact that the episodes didn't get weighed down with details that were not germaine to the plots. They've allowed us a glimpse into the personal life of each character - but just enough to help us to understand why he or she thinks and operates a certain way.


I don't think Hotch should have a love interest. I personally don't see them together for very long if not at all. I admit that he needs to smile more but I think this is just going to put pressure on him more. If he were to have a romance make it with someone in the group! Or none at all. I like this show because there isn't any drama like this usually.


This could be good for Hotch but I see him more with JJ. I see Prentiss with Rossi


A new gilfriend to Hotch? Just Prentiss, is best! no more!!!!

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